The Wife and The Mistress

Broken marriages. Failed relationships. Painful heartbreaks. These are some of the nightmares that any woman would never want to undergo or experience. No woman, in her right mind, would fall in love with a man and expect things to end after months of being together. Worse, no woman would marry another man, bear their child and end their marriage in divorce, annulment or legal separation. However, no matter how a woman hates going through the different stages of heart breaks, there comes a moment when she wakes up one day and suddenly realizes that the love of her life is gone...

When that day comes, a woman has two choices - either to fight for her love or to let her love go. Choosing between holding on and letting go is one of the most difficult decisions that a woman has to make. No one knows what is right between the two. Holding on can sometimes save the relationship while in some instances it can also burn the relationship down. On the other hand, letting go seems to be right yet it can make a woman suffer more. Now, the question is: which is which?

I have thought of these things after I have watched for the second time the Filipino hit movie "No Other Woman." Two types of women were presented on the film. One is Sharmaine Escaler who is a simple, composed and straight forward woman. The second is Kara Zalderiaga who is a happy-go-lucky heiress who can always get whatever she wants and pleases. These two women were so different but they have one thing in common. That is, they both love Ram Escaler. In the film, I have seen how these women fight for the love of their lives. I have also seen how one of them continues holding on until the end and how one of them finally let go.

The Wife
"I won't let no other woman ruin my marriage."
It was painful for Sharmaine to accept the fact that her husband is having an affair with another woman. As a wife, it was hard for her having known that Ram has a mistress. It took her so much time and effort before she finally had the courage to fight for the love of her life. Yes, she chose to hold on for she believed in love and her marriage. She learned how to forgive her husband and started a new life with him.

Holding on can sometimes be a good choice especially if you know the worth of your relationship. Just because your partner has done one mistake does not mean he must not be given another chance to be with you. Saving the relationship is more important than your pride. This is only good when your partner regrets what he has done and you have seen the good changes that he has promised you. Don't be quick in forgiving and forgetting because these things take time. Sometimes, there is a need for a complete time and space for both of you to appreciate the value of your union. Try to think of the things that could make your relationship more intimate than ever. Yes, it could be really painful but wouldn't it hurt more if you let your love go? Especially that he, too, has fought for it?

The Mistress
"There is no other woman better than I am."
At first, it was just a simple game for Kara. She wasn't expecting to love Ram, Sharmaine's husband, and even promised herself not to get emotionally involved. She said she will never be a mistress and ended up eating her own words. When least expected, she fell in love with Ram and hoped for a happy ending for their affair. But the ending was different, Ram chose to go back to her wife and left her with a broken heart.

Sometimes a mistress gets lucky when she is chosen by the man she loves over the original woman but most mistresses are left after the affair. I don't believe that all mistresses are low-class and home wrecker bitches because they are just women. We all know that women are vulnerable. They fall in love easily. But despite this, their act of falling in love is not right because loving a married or a taken man means breaking the rules and hurting another person. In this situation, letting go is the only option to save yourself from being hurt especially that your man has not shown any interest of being with you for a life time. It may hurt but wouldn't it  hurt more if you stay in a false relationship where everyone surrounding you despises you and your partner? There is a need for you to know your worth as a woman. You don't need to be someone's mistress in order for you to find love. 

Love is the worst battle field. Every one who loves fights and does not want to surrender. Yet, there are times when fighting has to stop and surrendering is the only option. I believe that there is no room for a third person in a relationship. Two is enough, three is too much. Let me share to you the video of the film's theme song.

If there is one thing I would like to thank to God right now... It would be that I am happily in love and this love hasn't brought me so much pain to the point of letting go. Let us be thankful for our happy relationships.


  1. amen....

    is the movie that nice? coz it is not yet showed here in Dumaguete...

  2. i haven't seen the movie nor is planning to, but u did a great post here...u're right, no woman should experience those pains...

  3. the first here...nice post my friend. keep in touch.

  4. I've heard so much about this movie, maybe I should watch it :D

    This kinda reminded me of that Maricel-Aga-Angelica movie (what's the title of that movie again?) I felt really sorry for Maricel (the mistress) but glad at the same time because Aga and Angelica restored their marriage.

    Cheers to a happy married life, Algene :)

  5. @Albert: Ha? Really? Akala ko nation-wide ang showing ng movie. Bakit wala pa jan?

    @yuuki: Because women deserve love, respect, affection, intimacy and care :)

  6. @drummer: thank you kaibigan! :)

    @KM: Yung A Love's Story ate KM :) Nah, you should watch the movie talaga. Baka magka-international screening sila. It's different jud, very nice. :)

  7. That's why they say, Love is a gamble, you don't know if you are gong to win or lose. Lucky those who found true love, and those who didn't, I feel sorry for them. I have never seen the movie, but it sounds interesting. I might watch it one day..

  8. Thank you soo much for that extreme exposure... hahaha.

    so, soon I'll really make it to be the first..

  9. @Mommy Liz: Hello po :) Yes, you should see the movie 'cause it's very mature and exceptional.

    @Albert: HAHAHA. Yea, you should be quick again for another linky love!


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