The Three Musketeers

My day started by answering the wake up call of Abdel. He called to say his daily good morning greetings and to remind me not be late for our lunch date today. I still wanted to go back to sleep but I knew I shouldn't. So, I woke up, checked my email, took a bath and dressed up. The good thing about Babe is that he doesn't rush me into preparing myself before seeing him. He only picks me up when I tell him I'm ready. Same thing happened this morning. When I was all set, that was the time I sent him a message to fetch me. He came at my place and asked me where I wanted to go. I said to the mall and then, he drove. We had our early lunch there (I forgot the name of the place since its new.). After sharing our meals together, we decided to watch the movie that he has been waiting for so long. When we went to the cinema, The Three Musketeers movie was still closed. It will still be open at around 12:15PM. So, we chose to wait since he really wanted to see the film. While waiting, we played arcade games. We enjoyed playing race car games where we race against each other. We also played combat games where we had a battle using computer players. Basketball games were also on the lists of the games we enjoyed. I must say, the gaming moments with him were so perfect.

After an hour of playing, we went back to the cinema house. Luckily, the movie was already open for screening on 3D. He bought us some tickets and we watched The Three Musketeers. Honestly, the movie isn't really my type but since I'm a good girlfriend, I just watched the film to show my interest on his likes. I really have no idea about the movie but when I finished watching it, I felt happy. I enjoyed the film and I was inspired by the different characters of the movie.


I am so thankful to Abdel for inviting me to watch this film. If he hasn't invited me, I'd miss my chance of seeing a great film. I wouldn't be able to learn and appreciate more the values of love, courage, trust and unity

The story is basically about this young man who wanted to become a musketeer just like his father. He traveled from his small town Gascony to Paris in order to look for the three musketeers. His first day on Paris wasn't as good as expected for he was almost shot dead and he got into trouble with the musketeers. He challenged them for a fight, not knowing that he was talking to the musketeers, the next day. When the four of them met, he found out they were no longer called the "The Musketeers" for they already stopped saving the world, went on their separate ways and spent their days drinking. As Porthos, one of the musketeers, said "We were 'The Musketeers'. Now, we're just 'Us'." In the same meeting, the soldiers of Rochefort came to kill all of them. However, the four men were brave enough to defeat the forty soldiers sent. There were only four of them but they won the battle. After that day, everything has changed in Titanium's life and the three musketeers (Athos, Porthos and Aramis). The three musketeers have different issues about their lives causing them to drift apart. With the help of the young Titanium, the "Three Musketeers" were re-united and ready to save the city. He was able to make them believe again and hold on into something. The same man also taught the King of Paris the meaning of love which is real and not pretentious.

The Official Trailers of the Film:


You must really see this film on 3D! It's not just about the great battles and wars against different troops. There is so much more to like about "The Three Musketeers." 


  1. ang sweet naman ni Abdel :) parang mga bagong artista ang bida dito sa bagong Three Musketeers ah. I saw yung 1993 film nito and nagustuhan ko naman. "All for one, One for All." And I loved its soundtrack, "All for Love" by Bryan Adams with Rod Steward and Sting. You're very young pa malamang nung 1993 kaya di na kita tatanungin kung napanood mo yun :D

    thanks again for sharing. i didn't know meron palang bagong release ng movie na 'to, and medyo matagal na din kaming nag-aabang ni Vince ng pwedeng mapanood sa theatre ;)

  2. Hi ate KM! Salamat sa iyong comment. Ikaw na naman ang first commenter ko. :) Sana nga, sweet na forever. Hehe.

    This is the first Musketeers movie na nakita ko. Kaya tama ka. I was still 2 years old on that year. LOL Kaya super naimpress talaga ako sa 2011 movie. Very inspring noh?

    Late ata pinakita sa Pinas ang movie. 5 days late from the first date of its first screening. :) NICE ANG MOVIE. How about watching In Time ate KM?

  3. Made me want to watch this too! Sounds interesting!

    Came across your blog and loved it!
    Come visit too when you have time!


  4. You should really see the film. :) Will visit your two blogs!

  5. ang sweet naman... it looks like you both had a good day ha...

    sana kayo na nga talaga forever gene...

  6. Thanks ate Rovie. Sana nga noh? Ang sarap naman pakinggan ng forever. :)

  7. hello. i like this movie. thanks for share.

  8. i haven't heard of this new film...although i am familiar with the story i like your review
    salamat sa bisita

  9. You should really see this film. Very familiar tayo sa Three Musketeers but its 2011 will change the way we see the musketeers.

    Thanks for the comment!

  10. napanood ko to kahapon..
    ang saya!

    I was trying to compare it other versions.. isinama ko na yung man in iron mask..

    pwede na xa ka hilera sa stories nung 3 musketeers.. :)

  11. Grabe, naamaze talaga ako sa movie! Sobrang ganda. Yung effects, kakabilib dba? Talking about 3D effects, the best!


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