Some Music For Us

Waking up with music gives us the mood. What a lovely day to greet the rising sun with coffee and a sound that tickles our heart! Many would say to play a song that your heart desires for a moment. And yes, this is true. Whatever we feel in a particular time can be more stimulated as we listen to song that matches our present emotion. But then as they say, it is all in mind just as how each interprets a wall painting that touches the hearts of the viewers.

It is all in the mind. Create your mood by choosing what music to listen to first thing in the morning. Wanna go hip and upbeat? Why not? The rest of the day should be alive, anyway. Or how about thinking sexy the whole day while staying at home? Seductive smooth jazz will be great, then. Let the creative juices flow as we listen to product of arts around us. Ahhh, but the best music so far if you feel like going nostalgic comes from the gorgeous drops of rain. Notice how these tiny drops from the sky fall by looking at them straight from our bedroom window. They create beats. And as long as this is not the kind of rain that will drown people but just drizzles, then drizzling memories will begin to pour. Hopefully, we’d be selective enough to sort what would keep us thinking—happy and in love?! Cup of coffee is great during this time of the day. Play a soothing jazz. Just try to keep it down. Stare at a relaxing wall painting displayed in your room and there you go. You’ll have all the memories coming back to you. They just keep coming in and before you know it, your subconscious is submerged to nostalgia.

Life we expect or the life we plan to enjoy for the rest of the day may not smoothly go as we think it will, but then thanks for the arts—thanks for music in particular to keep our company, to console us, and to let us submerge for a not so-good emotion to ease up the load we carry. How to imagine the world without this simple entertainment is like thinking the impossibility of people to connect their emotion to something that they can relate to. With music, reflection becomes easy which benefits the soul. It is not our body that needs a recharging, anyway. Our soul needs to be pampered, too. Thanks to music. Life seems to be easy for the time being!

Jocelyn Aps is the Business Development Manager at Artyii, Asia's leading community for emerging paint artists. Launched in November 2010, Artyii offers a powerful global platform to discover emerging Asian art. Over 500 artists from Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia have trusted Artyii, thus far. Membership is by-invite only. Apart from sharing art, artists can communicate with gallery owners and art collectors online to enhance their profile.


  1. Wow...we have something in common and music. I also love to drink coffee anytime of the day. I consider this as an energy booster for me. I also love listening to my favorite music with a cup of coffee on the side while doing other things like blogging, surfing, or just simply cleaning or fixing my room. It puts me on a light mood!

  2. Wow! Gusto mo rin pala ng coffee? Ako, I love it too. Sobra pero I'm cutting down in the intake kasi nga too much of it is not good. Pero can't help it kasi eh. Kaya nga I'm TCC 'cause I really love coffee. Same tayo! HEHEHE :)

    Ikaw ang aking first commenter! Salamat po!

  3. hinay hinay sa caffeine :)

    i can't imagine the world without music. minsan there are some genre na hindi natin gano feel pero one day magugulat ka na lang pag pinakinggan mo maigi, maganda din pala :D that's the magic of music ;)

    congrats to algene for being the first commenter here ^^

  4. its cool how this blog talks about smooth jazz. Wala kasi sa itsura ko ung nakikinig ng ganitong genre, but this typo of music is my first love. Also jazz music is one the keys kung bakit kami ngayon magkasama ng asawa ko. :D

  5. @KM: Ate KM, si ate Krizza ang first commenter. Inaantok ka na siguro sa pagpost mo ng comment na to!

    Oo nga, there are really type of music na ayaw natin tapos all of a sudden, mag-iiba mood natin once we get to listen to the songs. :)

  6. @Artiemous: Wow! Ang sweet naman po niyan! :) Jazz music! I can imagine how romantic your first date was. :)))))

  7. Same with KM... I can't imagine the world without music as it is already a part of our daily life. I can go with any music depende sa mood but generally kahit ano lang basta music...

    Thanks for adding my link gene...

  8. Hi po ate Rovie. :) Sure po! :)


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