Running iOS 5


Yey! I finally downloaded the latest software for my iPod touch. Thank you so much Apple for making iOS 5 available for download to all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users! I have to agree that this is the best software ever. It made my touch more fun and convenient to use. With the new features on this software, I begin to appreciate more the usefulness of my iTouch.

One thing that I really love about having my touch is that I have everything I need in a single gadget. I can listen to songs any time I want and wherever I go. I can play games whenever I'm bored or whenever I want to start a fight with Abdel (lol). I can read e-books of my favorite authors or my lessons for school. I can also update my social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Formspring, Tumblr, Blogger and others. I can let people know what I am currently up to by single tap or touch. I can use my touch as an alarm clock every morning and as a calendar to keep important dates. I can capture special moments and record videos of my favorite events. Basically everything I need and want is available on my iTouch. Especially now that new features are added with my upgrade to iOS 5, I am never going anywhere without my iPod touch with me.

iOS 5 New Features include: 
• iCloud
• Twitter Integration
• FaceTime (New Version)
• iMessage
• Faster and Better Safari
• Reminders
• Newsstand
• All-New Calendar
• Wi-fi Sync
• And MORE

My most favorite upgrade is the iMessenger which allows me to send messages to my friends from all over the world. It is very useful for me especially that most of my friends are using Apple gadgets. I owe so much to Apple and to Mr. Steve Jobs. ;)

This is how the home screen of my touch looks like:

Before I end this post, let me share some of the pictures I got from the RealCover app I downloaded on my previous software. I find the app really cool and funny. 

Click here for the instructions on how to download iOS 5 for your Apple gadgets!


  1. galing galing naman ni algene. updated sa apple gadgets ah :)

  2. Those applications are really great:) loving the RealCover app:) thank you for sharing:)

    following you now..hope you follow back:)

  3. love it algene.. sorry if I was not able to make a comment on your post. busy kasi ehh

  4. Good for you! :) enjoy your iOS5. :)


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