Night of Glam and Glitz

"We must move from the familiar to the unfamiliar." - Sir Kerwin

Last October 11, 2011, my classmates, friends and I enjoyed the culminating activity of our Practicum subject. Instead of ending it by submitting school requirements or concept papers, we had our fine dining at Marco Polo Hotel. At the start of the semester, we knew it was going to happen because it is already a tradition. However, what we didn't know is that it was going to require so much preparations. We really needed to move from the familiar to the unfamiliar. Our theme was "Classic Vintage" which required us to set everything in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The presence of Classic Vintage must be seen in our decorations, activities, dances, and dresses. Because of this, we needed to visit many boutiques and shops in order for us to find the perfect clothes and suits for the said event. We also needed the help of many people. That is why we owe big time to the different committees, composed of students, who made the fine dining possible. Thank you also to Angelina's Precious Moments for organizing the event and to Miss Karla Stefan for being the host of the night.


 It was indeed a Night of Glam and Glitz. The students from the sections B, C and D of the Management Accounting program had so much fun. It was one of the best nights of our senior year. For sure, we will never forget how everything went well that night. We stepped out of our comfort zones. Then, we found joy. All these we have to thank to our mentor Sir Kerwin Buck Koting.

Our Menu for the Night. I must say, "Compliments to the Chef." I love the Pumpkin Chicken Soup! It was perfectly prepared. The main course was Grilled Chicken with Tomato, Salsa and Vegetables. And for desert, we had Mango Mousse Cake (I don't have its picture). 


For me, the dinner was not the most important part of the night. The highlights of the event were the modeling, dancing, singing, partying and playing.


The best part of all is the speech given by our teacher which has touched us in many ways. We will have the second Practicum next semester and I hope that we could make it by using these encouraging words from Sir Kerwin.
"Leave the past in the past. Climb the next mountain and enjoy the view."
"Consider all the pathways ahead and decide which to follow. Get up and get going."
"It is a great challenge for you to travel the unknown world. Good luck."

Pictures of each class!

What a good way to end a course! It was memorable and exciting! Once again, thank you Sir Kerwin for being our mentor and our friend! Most especially, thank you for the grades.
Credits to Kokoy Buknoy for the Photos in this Post


  1. I love your theme: Classic Vintage! How I wish we would also have this kind of activity. :) I think I would love to organize this kind of event.

    And oh, I didn't know you're still studying :) hehe. GOD bless
    Can't wait to hear about your graduation. :)

  2. Classic Vintage theme was a great choice. It's like we're brought back to the 50s. Hehehe. Organizer ka ba? :)

    Oo, soon. One more sem to go. LOL Thank you for being my first commenter!

  3. I'm also a student :) hehe. So you mean you were the one to decide about the theme? I thought sa prof nyo po mismo galing. :)

    Wooh! SEMBREAK, hello! :D

  4. Hahaha! Apir! When are you expecting to graduate? No, not me actually. Most of the students who attended the fine dining. :)

    Yey! Hello sembreak! More time for our blogs. :D

  5. It looks like you all had a great time. Actually "vintage theme" is a hit even on corporate parties. Our company had the same on one of our Christmas parties and it was fun!

    Happy week end! :)

  6. We really had a perfect night. Thank you for sharing your thoughts po! :) Happy weekend to you!

  7. it looks that you have a great, great fun here

    sorry for the late GFC follow ko and super thanks for the comment

  8. Thanks for the follow and for the comment too. :)

  9. san ka dito sa pichurs, algene? :)

  10. I'll try to post yung close up photos namin Ate KM. Kinuha ko lang kasi ang pictures from my teacher :) I haven't uploaded my copy yet!

    You can see me on the 3rd picture sa class pics :) I'm wearing gray. LOL


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