Happy Feet on Dreaming

If there is one thing I learned tonight, it is to never stop dreaming. Sometimes, when we get lucky, we get our dreams in a flick of our hand. We do not need to go through many stages before we finally get what we have been wanting and praying for. But most of the time, destiny seems to play its game on us. Before we can finally take a good grip of our dreams, we have to undergo many stages and the sad part is, those stages are painful. Our hearts can be broken, our prides can be stepped on and our dignity as persons can be crumpled. These are the sad things that we experience when we dream. However, despite all these heart-breaking moments, we have to always remember that DREAMING can still be BEAUTIFUL even if at times it can really painful . As long as we hold on to our dreams and believe to our capacities in achieving our aspirations, we will always succeed. When that day comes, we will be proud of ourselves for having the patience to wait and the courage to fight for our dreams. All the pains that we have gone through will be worth it.

I was inspired by the Happy Feet's story which was featured in Maalaala Mo Kaya, a Filipino anthology drama TV show, in its 20th anniversary episode. The Happy Feet won as the first runner up in Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2. No one knew the real difficulties and failures they have undergone as they follow their dreams. Different talk show hosts and media reporters have sensationalized their life story but none of them gave a perfect description of Ramon and Bambi's lives until MMK aired their story. 

I think the most painful part for the two brothers is when their own father didn't trust them that one day, they would be able to reach their dreams. Coming from a poor family, their father wanted them to work in the farm. They were discouraged from dancing. They even received criticisms from their Tatay saying that their dancing will bring them to nowhere. But these two brothers believed in themselves and used their painful experiences as tools in striving more to prove to everyone that their dreams will bring them success and happiness. They were sure of what they want and they did what was necessary in order for men to achieve in their dreams. They have taken a difficult path and in the end, they rejoiced for they reached a wonderful end. They may have not won the PGT Season 2 but in their hearts, they have. The best price that they have won from joining the talent search is their father's trust in them. Seeing their Tatay and Nanay happy of what they have achieved brought them joy. 

May we be like this two brothers who fought for  their dreams. We may never stop dreaming whatever comes our way because in the end, all those pains will be worth it. Things will happen the way we want them to be. And when that day comes, let us thank God and everyone who has helped us achieve our aspirations. Let us also forgive the people who has brought us down for without them, we will not have courage to continue fighting.

This is one of the stories I will always love to share. I will never forget how Happy Feet changed the course of their lives because for one moment, they believed in their dreams. May this post inspire you!


  1. I'm so proud of you, Algene!

  2. I've seen them dance at magaling talaga! thanks for following my blog! Followed too!

  3. As in, they're so inspiring noh? Thank you so much! :)

  4. thanks for sharing, algene :) dami talagang talents sa pinas ^^

  5. Hello ate KM! I miss you on my page! :)


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