"Masaya kapag kasama ang pamilya. 
Wala nang mahihiling pa."

This is my official entry to Bulakbero's contest. I decided to join the said contest because I find it fun and exciting. I just need to choose a picture that could tell a story about travelling or "pagbubulakbol." Then, write a short caption below it (not exceeding 140 characters). Aside from having an entry, I also get the chance to show to my friends how happy I am when I travel with my family. The picture above was taken at Eden Nature Park and Resort. I am happiest when I share special moments with mom, dad and little bro. I love it when we hit on the road and take a short vacation. I honestly would trade anything if it means spending quality time with them!

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  1. one lovely, happy family :) pretty pretty naman in algene ^^

    thanks for sharing this pic ^^

  2. Hi Algene! You're right...nothing can beat the experience of traveling with your family. The never ending talks over dinners, the unforgettable bonding moments...and of course, the last but not the least...the never ending "picture taking".'s!

  3. so true! I can't ask for more. My family is the most precious gift I'll forever cherish :)

  4. @KM: Thank you ate KM. You're my first commenter again. :)

    @Krizza: Super ate! Every moment spent with our families is irreplaceable. Unlimited fun and laughter talaga. :) Dapat may camera talaga to capture special moments!

    @Pochi: Our families will always be in the number one spot in our heart. :)

  5. Moments shared with your family is always the best ant memorable...

    You are blessed to have such a good family gene...

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    Anything About Bella 
    The Father and Son Chronicles
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  6. hi algene, i agree with you , traveling with family would be one of the happiest moment in our lives. I followed your blog so i could visit back ...

  7. Hi Ate Rovie! Opo. I'll visit and follow your blogs. :) Wait lang po. Hehehe.

  8. @Chino: As in, the most memorable. Thank you for following me. I will follow you back too! :)

  9. Very true algene! I certainly agree. My family is everything to me, we share similarities kasi, e.

    Sumali rin ako diyan kay bulakbol...

    nice one... sana makapunta rin ako diyan..(sana) wink..

  10. Hi Albert! Namiss na kita. Ikaw palagi FC ko sa mga posts ko eh. :)

    Ano entry mo kay bulakbol? Para makita ko naman pic na pinili mo!

  11. super duper agree with you algene! no one can ever replace that happiness with our family! always our priority in life! family...

  12. As in, first and top priority talaga ang ating pamilya. Mas masaya. :D

  13. tunay na masaya ang buhay pag kasama ang pamilya. salamat sa pagsali algene. \m/

  14. Maraming salamat bulakbolero! Who won? :D


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