Date With Mom

Going out and having an all-girl bonding date with my mom makes me really happy. I find ultimate joy when we go to the malls, dine on restaurants, watch movies on cinema houses and hit on the road together. For me, nothing feels great than spending some quality time with her.  We may live under the same roof but we make sure that we still go out because we believe that it offers us a different kind of experience and excitement. It is our own way of catching up with each other especially now that I am kind of busy with some stuff. 

Today, we had again our date! We spent the whole afternoon doing the things we love to do together. Our first stop was at Ice Giants in Sta. Ana St. where we had our frozen treats. I chose my all-time favorite Strawberry Mango Giants while she had her usual Mango Giants. Since we ordered for the giants, it took us some time before we finally finished taking them all which was great because it gave us more time to talk and get an update about our lives. 



After having the perfect time with my mom at Ice Giants, we headed to Robinson Supermarket at Abreeza mall. We had our groceries which is one of the things I always want to do with her. Every time we do it, I learn more about things like cooking, cleaning and house caring tips. She always have something to say for different products found in the racks. Honestly, walking through the different lanes in the supermarket was tiring but since it's for my mom, I can take it. The next shop we went into was Go Nuts Donuts store where we bought two dozens of our favorite donuts as a pasalubong for my brother.

My date with my mom today was perfect! 

My mom is a full-time house wife and a full-time mother. Since the day she married my dad, she devoted her life to taking good care of us. She even quit on her job and focused on becoming the best for our family. This is one of the many things that I adore about my mama. She places our family on top priority. Because of her, I learned about the value of a happy family and how I should treasure it. I am thankful for all that she has done for me, my brother and my dad. 


  1. Sweet nyo naman ng mom mo. It's good to know that despite your busy schedule may time pa din kayong mag bonding ng mom mo.

    I salute your mom for raising such a great kid like you. Hindi madali maging full time mo...Hehe

  2. Kaya nga hanga ako sa mga mommies na katulad niyo ate. :) Being a mother is not easy pero dun kayo magaling!

  3. awww :) ang sweet naman. it's good that you had quality mother-daughter bonding time. nakarelate ako dun sa "she always have something to say for different products found in the racks." parang lahat ata ng mommy ganyan. may say sa lahat ng bagay :D

  4. Wow...kudos to your Mom and Dad! They were able to raise a sweet girl like you. I'm sure later on in life, you will do the same to your own family coz I could see now how close you are to them and how you cherish every moment with them. :)

  5. @KM: Dapat lang naman takaga na may quality time with our mothers ate noh? Kahit na simple lang. Hehe :) Oo nga, almost all mothers ata ganun eh. They know about many things. :D Mga beterano. Hehe.

  6. @Krizza: Wow, sweet talaga ate? Thank you for the compliment. Full of live and care lang talaga ang home environment namin. And yes, I will do the same thing that my mom dis for us. Soon. :) Thanks again ate Krizza!

  7. that's the sweetest date to have.. a date with our mom.. nice pictures algene!

  8. Back to thank you for the link...

    Pa member ka Davao Bloggers gene para kita tayo sa mga events...

  9. Hala ate Rovs. Taga-Davao ka pala? I didn't know. Maulaw man ko mgjoin kay dili man ko Pro Blogger. Hehehe :)

  10. Dili necessary na pro blogger ka oi... Mas active ka pa nga kesa ibang members...

    I add ang Davao Bloggers sa FB... Sige na go para kita tayo pag may mga events... Daming upcoming surely mag eenjoy ka...

  11. I can totally relate to you. My mom is also a full time house wife. Great post!


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