The Break

First semester is finally over and I'm so happy. This means I have three weeks off from school. I don't need to do any school stuff for the whole duration of the break, except the online enrollment which I have to start on the 15th. Having this semester break also means I'm free from boring classes, demanding requirements, unpleasant readings and some annoying classmates. This is certainly what I need.

Just like any other students, I have so many things to look forward to in this year's sembreak. I'll be spending some of my time reading the e-books I have downloaded on my touch three months ago. I wasn't able to read those since school was so demanding and I have to focus more on class readings. Another thing to do is spending more quality time with Abdel like going to the beach, enjoying our cups of coffee, playing games together, going to the cinemas and maybe going out of town. This break, I also want to take the Distance Learning Program of the Civil Service Commission where I have to write reflection papers about the government ethics and policies. Taking the DLP will merit me 40 hours of government training which I might use some time in the future. I am also planning on taking the Certified Bookkeeper examination if the school's JuniorPhilippine Association of Management Accountants (JPAMA) will conduct the exam. The review will be on the break and the examination will be on November. I also plan on seeing my friends and having bonding time with them!

And most importantly, I WILL DEFINITELY REST. I may be sleeping late but this time, I'm sure, I will be waking up late too. I think I need to give more time for myself! Rest and exercise - I must give these to myself.

This was my tweet this morning.

I need to make something great this break. I also need to make it memorable as it is my last semester break in my college life (hopefully). After four years and six months in college, I think it is already time for me to graduate. One more sem to go. I'm hoping that I could finally make it.

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  1. Hello Algene me too will surely enjoy the semestral break. Just this day pa natapos ang aking terror na examinations and nerve-wracking requirements. I am really excited na for the coming of the break... sharing the same feelings like you!

    enjoy the break....

    dropping by

  2. Thanks Albert! You're my FC again! :) Oo nga eh, sembreak is so exciting for all of us. Let us make it worthwhile..

  3. Enjoy your sembreak! Thanks for visit.

  4. Sembreak is fun! Enjoy. ^_^

  5. Cute blog!! Love it! Enjoy your break!

  6. Thank you for the compliment! I'll check your blog.. :)

  7. enjoy your sem break, algene :) that's one thing you're not gonna get when you're already working ;)

  8. That's why I'm going to make the best out of it :) I will surely miss these kind of breaks :D


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