Brave Enough for Scream 4

When it comes to movies, expect me to always pick the chick flicks. As a girl, I really have this great interest in romantic films. I find so much joy and relief when I see love stories being filmed. The broken-hearted girl who found love again, the bachelor who met the love of his life, the childhood lovers who got separated but ended up being together, the popular lady who fell in love with a simple man -- these are things that I love seeing on the big screen. These stories are inspiring to me.

What I don't like are horror films because I hate the feeling of scaring my own self. I became more indifferent to these kind of films when I found out that my boyfriend dislikes horror movies too. He also hates the fact that we have to scare ourselves in order to enjoy the films. That's just us, we really can't take killing ourselves with intense fears and horrors. Because of this, we are not so updated with the horror movies showing on the cinemas or those that are yet to be screened. We go to the movies  every week but we never picked a horror movie. Ever.

But this afternoon, there was kind of a shift. My brother asked for the nth time to watch the movie he downloaded a week ago. He has been asking me for the longest time to consider seeing Scream 4. Since I had nothing else to do, I said yes. I gave it a try. I watched it alone but I had to turn the volume down and press the pause button when I couldn't take it anymore. Honestly, I enjoyed the film but I hated how it ended. The beginning was really full of horror but as it comes towards the end, everything became dull. I wasn't as terrified as expected.

Most of you have probably watched this film already. What do you think about it? Is it really scary? 'Cause for me, not really. It is one of the horror films I would dare watching alone. I think I have already seen the same ending from a different horror film. I just can't remember what movie. In all fairness to Scream 4, it is still horrifying especially on the first part. The sudden twist in the film was also exceptional. If I'd be ask to give a rating, I'd give "Fair." Not bad, eh?

Here's the trailer of Scream 4.

Imagine if you hear these things over the phone? (From Scream 4 Ghost-face Killer)
"This is the last person you'll gonna see alive."
"This is a horror film. People scream. People die. You better start running."
"I've got time. It's you that doesn't."


  1. This kind of movie is a big "NO" for me..
    Katakot! haha!

  2. Hindi masyado scary Ate Wilma. :D Ikaw first commenter ko. Congrats! Mwah! :*

  3. I haven't seen this film yet but I would like to, given the chance. Looks interesting. I also like to watch horror films sometimes but same like you, I adore love stories the most.

    Happy Sunday! :)

  4. Love stories are always the best. :) Watch ka nito! Not really horrifying. Bearable ang mga horror scenes. :D

  5. Mahilig ako manood ng nakakatakot pero di ako nanonood mag isa! Duwag kasi ako! wahahah!

  6. Kanina lang ako naging matapang kaya nga Brave Enough eh. HAHAHA :S

  7. I love scary movies ! I used to watch a lot alone, before I got married. I saw 1-3, pero hindi ko pa napanood ang Scream 4, kasi ang hubby ko naman ang ayaw na ayaw sa scary movies. LOL. Kelangan ko muna i-convince ang aking mahal na asawa para panoorin namin 'to. Hehe!

  8. Same with Abdel ate KM, ayaw niya talaga ng scary movies. Hehehe. But that doesn't mean they're gay, dba? LOL Manuod kayo nito. Hindi masyado nakakatakot. Pero mapapasigaw ka talaga :)

    Send my regards to you and your hubby po! :)

  9. i don't want watching scary movies
    thanks for always visiting my blog

  10. @Drummer: Thank you po Kaibigan!

    @Reese: But it's a cool thing to do! Sometimes :p

  11. I'm actually a fan of the franchise. LOL! When the latest installment got released, I immediately booked tickets. It was quite enjoyable, just don't expect too much.

  12. The movie was great but maybe I was just expecting so much horror and terror. :D But over-all, it's still horrifying!


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