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Two of the most famous sports these days are soccer and rugby. Many players have gained interest in playing the said ball games. Many people have also learned loving the said sports even if they’re not playing them. With these, the popularity of soccer and rugby has increased over time.

Soccer is commonly known as football and it is played by two teams with eleven players each. The rule of the game is easy. The players simply need to score by getting the ball in the opposing goal. A round ball is used in the game which is controlled by the players using their feet. Rugby is different from soccer though it has evolved from the latter. Same as soccer, it is played by two teams but each team is composed of thirteen players. In order for a team to score, the players need to ground the ball in the opponents’ goal area. The ball used in this game is spherical which is kicked, carried or dribbled by the players.

I think the reason why these sports have gained many players and fans is because both soccer and rugby bring excitement to different people all over the world. The sports have inevitably spread all throughout the different countries. I myself love the sports for they allow me to appreciate the skills possessed by each player and to cheer for them as they play for the goal. Watching the games allow me to bond with my love ones who also love the same sports.

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  1. Although I love sports, I haven't gotten into the hype of either soccer or rugby. I guess you can say it's the uncultured side of me. LOL :D Seriously, para kasing naiinip ako when I watch soccer. Seems like the field is too big and too long that mas marami pa yung time mo nanonood tumatakbo sila kesa nag-g-goal.

    Thanks for sharing this, Algene (and Alma!)


  2. You have your point there ate KM. Oo nga, most of the gaming time is spent on running tapos at the end of the game, ranging from 1-4 lang usually ang scores. Kaya nga exciting siya for me. LOL :D

    Honestly, I enjoy rugby more pero soccer is more popular kasi. :))

    Thank you sa pagbabasa! Bakit wala comment ko sa page mo? Hindi naapprove? Hehe.

  3. thanks sa linkly love :)

    psssttt... eto ba yung hinahanap mong comment mong nawawala ?


    approved naman, kaya lang sa ibang post mo nilagay ^^

    hugs ! :)

  4. Ate KM! Sorry! I'm so tanga, having posted the comment on a wrong post. :D You're welcome!

    Hugs and Kisses. :*

  5. okay lang yun, syado ka lang atang in love! kung saan saan nalipad ang isip ;) hehe!

    Hugs and Kisses back at ya ! :*

  6. HAHAHA. Hindi naman po ate KM, slight lang. Talagang nawala lang ako kanina because I was checking your other posts. :D

  7. I'll still go for basketball algene.. ayoko ng sipaan at masyadong pisikal hehehe... gandang araw!

  8. Most Filipinos prefer basketball talaga noh? Pero it's good to sometimes try soccer and rugby. Hehe.

    Thanks for sharing! :)


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