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Friday, October 28

Tablet Time Giveaway

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Thursday, October 27

Date With Mom

Going out and having an all-girl bonding date with my mom makes me really happy. I find ultimate joy when we go to the malls, dine on restaurants, watch movies on cinema houses and hit on the road together. For me, nothing feels great than spending some quality time with her.  We may live under the same roof but we make sure that we still go out because we believe that it offers us a different kind of experience and excitement. It is our own way of catching up with each other especially now that I am kind of busy with some stuff. 

Today, we had again our date! We spent the whole afternoon doing the things we love to do together. Our first stop was at Ice Giants in Sta. Ana St. where we had our frozen treats. I chose my all-time favorite Strawberry Mango Giants while she had her usual Mango Giants. Since we ordered for the giants, it took us some time before we finally finished taking them all which was great because it gave us more time to talk and get an update about our lives. 



After having the perfect time with my mom at Ice Giants, we headed to Robinson Supermarket at Abreeza mall. We had our groceries which is one of the things I always want to do with her. Every time we do it, I learn more about things like cooking, cleaning and house caring tips. She always have something to say for different products found in the racks. Honestly, walking through the different lanes in the supermarket was tiring but since it's for my mom, I can take it. The next shop we went into was Go Nuts Donuts store where we bought two dozens of our favorite donuts as a pasalubong for my brother.

My date with my mom today was perfect! 

My mom is a full-time house wife and a full-time mother. Since the day she married my dad, she devoted her life to taking good care of us. She even quit on her job and focused on becoming the best for our family. This is one of the many things that I adore about my mama. She places our family on top priority. Because of her, I learned about the value of a happy family and how I should treasure it. I am thankful for all that she has done for me, my brother and my dad. 


Tuesday, October 25

Some Music For Us

Waking up with music gives us the mood. What a lovely day to greet the rising sun with coffee and a sound that tickles our heart! Many would say to play a song that your heart desires for a moment. And yes, this is true. Whatever we feel in a particular time can be more stimulated as we listen to song that matches our present emotion. But then as they say, it is all in mind just as how each interprets a wall painting that touches the hearts of the viewers.

It is all in the mind. Create your mood by choosing what music to listen to first thing in the morning. Wanna go hip and upbeat? Why not? The rest of the day should be alive, anyway. Or how about thinking sexy the whole day while staying at home? Seductive smooth jazz will be great, then. Let the creative juices flow as we listen to product of arts around us. Ahhh, but the best music so far if you feel like going nostalgic comes from the gorgeous drops of rain. Notice how these tiny drops from the sky fall by looking at them straight from our bedroom window. They create beats. And as long as this is not the kind of rain that will drown people but just drizzles, then drizzling memories will begin to pour. Hopefully, we’d be selective enough to sort what would keep us thinking—happy and in love?! Cup of coffee is great during this time of the day. Play a soothing jazz. Just try to keep it down. Stare at a relaxing wall painting displayed in your room and there you go. You’ll have all the memories coming back to you. They just keep coming in and before you know it, your subconscious is submerged to nostalgia.

Life we expect or the life we plan to enjoy for the rest of the day may not smoothly go as we think it will, but then thanks for the arts—thanks for music in particular to keep our company, to console us, and to let us submerge for a not so-good emotion to ease up the load we carry. How to imagine the world without this simple entertainment is like thinking the impossibility of people to connect their emotion to something that they can relate to. With music, reflection becomes easy which benefits the soul. It is not our body that needs a recharging, anyway. Our soul needs to be pampered, too. Thanks to music. Life seems to be easy for the time being!

Jocelyn Aps is the Business Development Manager at Artyii, Asia's leading community for emerging paint artists. Launched in November 2010, Artyii offers a powerful global platform to discover emerging Asian art. Over 500 artists from Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia have trusted Artyii, thus far. Membership is by-invite only. Apart from sharing art, artists can communicate with gallery owners and art collectors online to enhance their profile.

Sunday, October 23

PGT Season 3

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3 has finally declared its grand winner! Honestly, I don't like the results of the grand finals night but the people have already spoken. They chose "Maasinhon Trio" as the winner. I guess I can't do anything about it. In the first place, I never voted which makes me incapable of complaining. The top three finalists chosen by the people are Maashinhon Trio, Khalil and Bringas Brothers. I was expecting that "El Gamma Penumbra" will make it to the top three though I'm not certain if they'll win. That is why when I tuned in to PGT3 grand finals night, I was really disappointed. I think I'm not the only one who had the same sentiments. Some of my friends and even Twitter people have expressed the same thing. In fact, one of the top retweeted tweets goes like this:
You can also check #PGTgrandfinals trend!

Below are the videos of the El Gamma Penumbra's performances in the semi and grand finals night. I like them more because their talent is exceptional. They did not only perform but they also sent a message to everyone who have seen their acts. They are composed of twenty-six shadow play performers whose creativity will never fail to amaze anyone.

Sorry if the videos are not in HD. I can't find any official videos yet. So, for the mean time, these are all that I can embed. Credits to Claudette and PhilippineNewsDaily!

Friday, October 21


"Masaya kapag kasama ang pamilya. 
Wala nang mahihiling pa."

This is my official entry to Bulakbero's contest. I decided to join the said contest because I find it fun and exciting. I just need to choose a picture that could tell a story about travelling or "pagbubulakbol." Then, write a short caption below it (not exceeding 140 characters). Aside from having an entry, I also get the chance to show to my friends how happy I am when I travel with my family. The picture above was taken at Eden Nature Park and Resort. I am happiest when I share special moments with mom, dad and little bro. I love it when we hit on the road and take a short vacation. I honestly would trade anything if it means spending quality time with them!

Click here to join the contest.


Wednesday, October 19

The Three Musketeers

My day started by answering the wake up call of Abdel. He called to say his daily good morning greetings and to remind me not be late for our lunch date today. I still wanted to go back to sleep but I knew I shouldn't. So, I woke up, checked my email, took a bath and dressed up. The good thing about Babe is that he doesn't rush me into preparing myself before seeing him. He only picks me up when I tell him I'm ready. Same thing happened this morning. When I was all set, that was the time I sent him a message to fetch me. He came at my place and asked me where I wanted to go. I said to the mall and then, he drove. We had our early lunch there (I forgot the name of the place since its new.). After sharing our meals together, we decided to watch the movie that he has been waiting for so long. When we went to the cinema, The Three Musketeers movie was still closed. It will still be open at around 12:15PM. So, we chose to wait since he really wanted to see the film. While waiting, we played arcade games. We enjoyed playing race car games where we race against each other. We also played combat games where we had a battle using computer players. Basketball games were also on the lists of the games we enjoyed. I must say, the gaming moments with him were so perfect.

After an hour of playing, we went back to the cinema house. Luckily, the movie was already open for screening on 3D. He bought us some tickets and we watched The Three Musketeers. Honestly, the movie isn't really my type but since I'm a good girlfriend, I just watched the film to show my interest on his likes. I really have no idea about the movie but when I finished watching it, I felt happy. I enjoyed the film and I was inspired by the different characters of the movie.


I am so thankful to Abdel for inviting me to watch this film. If he hasn't invited me, I'd miss my chance of seeing a great film. I wouldn't be able to learn and appreciate more the values of love, courage, trust and unity

The story is basically about this young man who wanted to become a musketeer just like his father. He traveled from his small town Gascony to Paris in order to look for the three musketeers. His first day on Paris wasn't as good as expected for he was almost shot dead and he got into trouble with the musketeers. He challenged them for a fight, not knowing that he was talking to the musketeers, the next day. When the four of them met, he found out they were no longer called the "The Musketeers" for they already stopped saving the world, went on their separate ways and spent their days drinking. As Porthos, one of the musketeers, said "We were 'The Musketeers'. Now, we're just 'Us'." In the same meeting, the soldiers of Rochefort came to kill all of them. However, the four men were brave enough to defeat the forty soldiers sent. There were only four of them but they won the battle. After that day, everything has changed in Titanium's life and the three musketeers (Athos, Porthos and Aramis). The three musketeers have different issues about their lives causing them to drift apart. With the help of the young Titanium, the "Three Musketeers" were re-united and ready to save the city. He was able to make them believe again and hold on into something. The same man also taught the King of Paris the meaning of love which is real and not pretentious.

The Official Trailers of the Film:


You must really see this film on 3D! It's not just about the great battles and wars against different troops. There is so much more to like about "The Three Musketeers." 

Tuesday, October 18

Running iOS 5


Yey! I finally downloaded the latest software for my iPod touch. Thank you so much Apple for making iOS 5 available for download to all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users! I have to agree that this is the best software ever. It made my touch more fun and convenient to use. With the new features on this software, I begin to appreciate more the usefulness of my iTouch.

One thing that I really love about having my touch is that I have everything I need in a single gadget. I can listen to songs any time I want and wherever I go. I can play games whenever I'm bored or whenever I want to start a fight with Abdel (lol). I can read e-books of my favorite authors or my lessons for school. I can also update my social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Formspring, Tumblr, Blogger and others. I can let people know what I am currently up to by single tap or touch. I can use my touch as an alarm clock every morning and as a calendar to keep important dates. I can capture special moments and record videos of my favorite events. Basically everything I need and want is available on my iTouch. Especially now that new features are added with my upgrade to iOS 5, I am never going anywhere without my iPod touch with me.

iOS 5 New Features include: 
• iCloud
• Twitter Integration
• FaceTime (New Version)
• iMessage
• Faster and Better Safari
• Reminders
• Newsstand
• All-New Calendar
• Wi-fi Sync
• And MORE

My most favorite upgrade is the iMessenger which allows me to send messages to my friends from all over the world. It is very useful for me especially that most of my friends are using Apple gadgets. I owe so much to Apple and to Mr. Steve Jobs. ;)

This is how the home screen of my touch looks like:

Before I end this post, let me share some of the pictures I got from the RealCover app I downloaded on my previous software. I find the app really cool and funny. 

Click here for the instructions on how to download iOS 5 for your Apple gadgets!
Experiences That Bring Me Joy

Monday, October 17

Experiences That Bring Me Joy

Like many people, I've had a lot of struggles in my life. I've had years where my writing career has been successful, and years when I struggled to make rent every month. There was the year my mother got sick, and the year my sister got a divorce. There was the year I was passed over for a fellowship I both wanted and needed, and the year I took on a holiday retail job that ended up lasting until June.

Now that I'm in my 40s, I am much more grateful about the little things -- the small pieces of my life that I would once have overlooked but now recognize as significant experiences. 
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Sunday, October 16

Brave Enough for Scream 4

When it comes to movies, expect me to always pick the chick flicks. As a girl, I really have this great interest in romantic films. I find so much joy and relief when I see love stories being filmed. The broken-hearted girl who found love again, the bachelor who met the love of his life, the childhood lovers who got separated but ended up being together, the popular lady who fell in love with a simple man -- these are things that I love seeing on the big screen. These stories are inspiring to me.

What I don't like are horror films because I hate the feeling of scaring my own self. I became more indifferent to these kind of films when I found out that my boyfriend dislikes horror movies too. He also hates the fact that we have to scare ourselves in order to enjoy the films. That's just us, we really can't take killing ourselves with intense fears and horrors. Because of this, we are not so updated with the horror movies showing on the cinemas or those that are yet to be screened. We go to the movies  every week but we never picked a horror movie. Ever.

But this afternoon, there was kind of a shift. My brother asked for the nth time to watch the movie he downloaded a week ago. He has been asking me for the longest time to consider seeing Scream 4. Since I had nothing else to do, I said yes. I gave it a try. I watched it alone but I had to turn the volume down and press the pause button when I couldn't take it anymore. Honestly, I enjoyed the film but I hated how it ended. The beginning was really full of horror but as it comes towards the end, everything became dull. I wasn't as terrified as expected.

Most of you have probably watched this film already. What do you think about it? Is it really scary? 'Cause for me, not really. It is one of the horror films I would dare watching alone. I think I have already seen the same ending from a different horror film. I just can't remember what movie. In all fairness to Scream 4, it is still horrifying especially on the first part. The sudden twist in the film was also exceptional. If I'd be ask to give a rating, I'd give "Fair." Not bad, eh?

Here's the trailer of Scream 4.

Imagine if you hear these things over the phone? (From Scream 4 Ghost-face Killer)
"This is the last person you'll gonna see alive."
"This is a horror film. People scream. People die. You better start running."
"I've got time. It's you that doesn't."

Saturday, October 15

Importance of Web Hosting

Why is it important for a certain company to own a website? The answer to this question is simple. Nowadays, more people are engaging in the use of the internet or the World Wide Web. Having a website will enable the organization or firm to communicate to their customers from all over the world. With the availability of their website, marketing their products and services is made easy. Most customers go online and it is an advantage for a firm if their company profile, information and contacts are displayed on their web page.

To be good at internet marketing, there is a need for the company to invest in web hosting. To do this, the firm must contact another company which offers web hosting services to provide them with storage, connectivity and other necessary services in order for their website to go online and to be visible to other people. The rate of web hosting ranges from free to a large amount of money.

I suggest that the company must really invest in web hosting to ensure that they get the best for their web site. There are many promotional coupons available for interested companies. These coupons may help them to lessen the cost of availing web host services.

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Join BC Bloggers

"We don't have to beg for links."

Since the day I joined Pinoy Bloggers Group in Facebook, I was presented with many opportunities for my blog. I met many bloggers who have the same interests as I do. I had the chance to interact with them and learned many things from their posts. Because also of the said group, I came across BC Bloggers which was organized by Mommy Paula. I was so interested about it since it is what every blogger needs! 

By simply joining the community, bloggers can easily exchange links with each other. Members of the group can also gain back links from their fellow bloggers. These are the things that every blogger wants. So, I encourage you to join the group! It's easy and fun!

Remember: More Blogs Linked means More Back Links! 

Friday, October 14

Night of Glam and Glitz

"We must move from the familiar to the unfamiliar." - Sir Kerwin

Last October 11, 2011, my classmates, friends and I enjoyed the culminating activity of our Practicum subject. Instead of ending it by submitting school requirements or concept papers, we had our fine dining at Marco Polo Hotel. At the start of the semester, we knew it was going to happen because it is already a tradition. However, what we didn't know is that it was going to require so much preparations. We really needed to move from the familiar to the unfamiliar. Our theme was "Classic Vintage" which required us to set everything in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The presence of Classic Vintage must be seen in our decorations, activities, dances, and dresses. Because of this, we needed to visit many boutiques and shops in order for us to find the perfect clothes and suits for the said event. We also needed the help of many people. That is why we owe big time to the different committees, composed of students, who made the fine dining possible. Thank you also to Angelina's Precious Moments for organizing the event and to Miss Karla Stefan for being the host of the night.


 It was indeed a Night of Glam and Glitz. The students from the sections B, C and D of the Management Accounting program had so much fun. It was one of the best nights of our senior year. For sure, we will never forget how everything went well that night. We stepped out of our comfort zones. Then, we found joy. All these we have to thank to our mentor Sir Kerwin Buck Koting.

Our Menu for the Night. I must say, "Compliments to the Chef." I love the Pumpkin Chicken Soup! It was perfectly prepared. The main course was Grilled Chicken with Tomato, Salsa and Vegetables. And for desert, we had Mango Mousse Cake (I don't have its picture). 


For me, the dinner was not the most important part of the night. The highlights of the event were the modeling, dancing, singing, partying and playing.


The best part of all is the speech given by our teacher which has touched us in many ways. We will have the second Practicum next semester and I hope that we could make it by using these encouraging words from Sir Kerwin.
"Leave the past in the past. Climb the next mountain and enjoy the view."
"Consider all the pathways ahead and decide which to follow. Get up and get going."
"It is a great challenge for you to travel the unknown world. Good luck."

Pictures of each class!

What a good way to end a course! It was memorable and exciting! Once again, thank you Sir Kerwin for being our mentor and our friend! Most especially, thank you for the grades.
Credits to Kokoy Buknoy for the Photos in this Post

Thursday, October 13

All-time Best Sports

Two of the most famous sports these days are soccer and rugby. Many players have gained interest in playing the said ball games. Many people have also learned loving the said sports even if they’re not playing them. With these, the popularity of soccer and rugby has increased over time.

Soccer is commonly known as football and it is played by two teams with eleven players each. The rule of the game is easy. The players simply need to score by getting the ball in the opposing goal. A round ball is used in the game which is controlled by the players using their feet. Rugby is different from soccer though it has evolved from the latter. Same as soccer, it is played by two teams but each team is composed of thirteen players. In order for a team to score, the players need to ground the ball in the opponents’ goal area. The ball used in this game is spherical which is kicked, carried or dribbled by the players.

I think the reason why these sports have gained many players and fans is because both soccer and rugby bring excitement to different people all over the world. The sports have inevitably spread all throughout the different countries. I myself love the sports for they allow me to appreciate the skills possessed by each player and to cheer for them as they play for the goal. Watching the games allow me to bond with my love ones who also love the same sports.

Are you one of those many people who have grown great interest and love for soccer and rugby? Are you playing the sports? Are you one of the fans of the many soccer and rugby games? Then, if you are, you’d probably love promotional coupons and discount vouchers which will help you get the sporting goods of soccer and rugby at their lowest and most affordable prices!

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Sunday, October 9

Quotes from Brida

Everyone probably knows who Paulo Coehlo is. Who wouldn't?  This man has his own style in writing which is one of the reasons why many readers admire him and his works. There is something in his books that make me understand myself better and appreciate the Universe more. One of his famous novels is Brida which was written last 2008. I haven't read the book yet until yesterday. I finally had the time to read the e-book which I have downloaded months ago. Thank you so much for my iBooks app for making reading easy and fun! I read the book for almost 7 hours and I'm really glad I did! 

The book is about Brida who is a twenty-one year old Irish girl in search for knowledge and understanding about the different things in her life. She is interested in magic which enabled her to meet the Magus and Wicca. Both are teachers of the Tradition of the Sun and the Tradition of the Moon. With her quest, she did not only learn about magic but she has also learned about love, life, mysteries, dark night and Soul Mates. This is a great book and I have learned many things from it. I might write something more about Brida in the coming days.

Saturday, October 8

Happy Feet on Dreaming

If there is one thing I learned tonight, it is to never stop dreaming. Sometimes, when we get lucky, we get our dreams in a flick of our hand. We do not need to go through many stages before we finally get what we have been wanting and praying for. But most of the time, destiny seems to play its game on us. Before we can finally take a good grip of our dreams, we have to undergo many stages and the sad part is, those stages are painful. Our hearts can be broken, our prides can be stepped on and our dignity as persons can be crumpled. These are the sad things that we experience when we dream. However, despite all these heart-breaking moments, we have to always remember that DREAMING can still be BEAUTIFUL even if at times it can really painful . As long as we hold on to our dreams and believe to our capacities in achieving our aspirations, we will always succeed. When that day comes, we will be proud of ourselves for having the patience to wait and the courage to fight for our dreams. All the pains that we have gone through will be worth it.

I was inspired by the Happy Feet's story which was featured in Maalaala Mo Kaya, a Filipino anthology drama TV show, in its 20th anniversary episode. The Happy Feet won as the first runner up in Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2. No one knew the real difficulties and failures they have undergone as they follow their dreams. Different talk show hosts and media reporters have sensationalized their life story but none of them gave a perfect description of Ramon and Bambi's lives until MMK aired their story. 

I think the most painful part for the two brothers is when their own father didn't trust them that one day, they would be able to reach their dreams. Coming from a poor family, their father wanted them to work in the farm. They were discouraged from dancing. They even received criticisms from their Tatay saying that their dancing will bring them to nowhere. But these two brothers believed in themselves and used their painful experiences as tools in striving more to prove to everyone that their dreams will bring them success and happiness. They were sure of what they want and they did what was necessary in order for men to achieve in their dreams. They have taken a difficult path and in the end, they rejoiced for they reached a wonderful end. They may have not won the PGT Season 2 but in their hearts, they have. The best price that they have won from joining the talent search is their father's trust in them. Seeing their Tatay and Nanay happy of what they have achieved brought them joy. 

May we be like this two brothers who fought for  their dreams. We may never stop dreaming whatever comes our way because in the end, all those pains will be worth it. Things will happen the way we want them to be. And when that day comes, let us thank God and everyone who has helped us achieve our aspirations. Let us also forgive the people who has brought us down for without them, we will not have courage to continue fighting.

This is one of the stories I will always love to share. I will never forget how Happy Feet changed the course of their lives because for one moment, they believed in their dreams. May this post inspire you!


Friday, October 7

The Break

First semester is finally over and I'm so happy. This means I have three weeks off from school. I don't need to do any school stuff for the whole duration of the break, except the online enrollment which I have to start on the 15th. Having this semester break also means I'm free from boring classes, demanding requirements, unpleasant readings and some annoying classmates. This is certainly what I need.

Just like any other students, I have so many things to look forward to in this year's sembreak. I'll be spending some of my time reading the e-books I have downloaded on my touch three months ago. I wasn't able to read those since school was so demanding and I have to focus more on class readings. Another thing to do is spending more quality time with Abdel like going to the beach, enjoying our cups of coffee, playing games together, going to the cinemas and maybe going out of town. This break, I also want to take the Distance Learning Program of the Civil Service Commission where I have to write reflection papers about the government ethics and policies. Taking the DLP will merit me 40 hours of government training which I might use some time in the future. I am also planning on taking the Certified Bookkeeper examination if the school's JuniorPhilippine Association of Management Accountants (JPAMA) will conduct the exam. The review will be on the break and the examination will be on November. I also plan on seeing my friends and having bonding time with them!

And most importantly, I WILL DEFINITELY REST. I may be sleeping late but this time, I'm sure, I will be waking up late too. I think I need to give more time for myself! Rest and exercise - I must give these to myself.

This was my tweet this morning.

I need to make something great this break. I also need to make it memorable as it is my last semester break in my college life (hopefully). After four years and six months in college, I think it is already time for me to graduate. One more sem to go. I'm hoping that I could finally make it.

Anyway, here are some of the things I added on my blog. You might want to check them.

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