Thankful for Last Night

In our everyday lives, many things can really happen. Some of those may be great while some may be not. But we have to always remember that whatever happens, our attitude will be the ultimate driving force for the outcome of certain events. It is the way we look at things that makes a difference.

Yesterday, there was an unwanted thing that came my way. It was kind of stressful but when I decided to look at what happened in a brighter perspective, my mood has changed. Instead of being upset, I was grateful. I even learned that sometimes, bad things happen in order for me to realize how amazing good things are.

My younger brother got into an accident

It was around 7:30 last night (9-15-11) when my mom sent me a message asking me to text my brother why he's still not home. So, I did what she wanted me to do. I waited for Jayr (my one and only bro) to reply to my messages. An hour had passed and I heard nothing from him. Because of this, I also asked Abdel to contact my brother because he is usually the first person to know the whereabouts of Jayr. However, after another hour of waiting, we got no reply from him. This has caused anxiety for all of us. Babe even called his friends to check the plate number of the car and if there were any reported accidents or incidents concerning a white SUV. My mother started panicking not knowing where to go and what to do especially after we found out that my brother's cellphones' numbers were already unattended. At around 9:30pm, Davao 911 arrived at our place (I wasn't home that time yet, I was with Abdel looking for my brother) together with Jayr.

Then... mom was informed about this.

Jayr had an accident at Torres St. He was driving on his way home when suddenly, a garbage truck bumped into him. He had no other way to stop the collision from happening. If you look at the damage on his car, you'd probably think that he was badly hurt. Luckily and thankfully, he wasn't wounded nor injured. What is good is that he wasn't also charged for anything. According to the police, he had no fault in the accident that happened. He was not drunk driving and his speed was low. Thank you so much to 911 for all that you have done for my little brother!

I was happy knowing all these things. The important thing for me, my mom, dad and Abdel is that my brother is safe. We do not care about the damages on the car because it can still be fixed. Now, we are just so thankful that despite what happened, Jayr is okay and in good condition. The accident was a bad news but we decided to look at it on a lighter way. At least, no one got hurt. :)

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  1. nice to know that your brother is not hurt..

    Wala lang napadaan lang po at nakibasa... :D

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  2. Prayers for your brother..

  3. Salamat. :) Navisit ko na sites mo! I love the computer tips blog..


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