Love: Make or Break

Feelings and emotions change but doesn't mean that if you don't feel something for each other anymore, the love is gone. Love can sometimes turn numb or even be boring. You just have to be patient. 'Cause love itself is life. Not all the time you are in for all its happiness. Sometimes, you also have to give in with its bitterness. But no matter what, as long as you choose and decide to continue, it will be more beautiful.

The quote above is taken from the short-film made by JAMICH entitled "By Chance." The film shows the cycle of a relationship which starts with awkward-yet-cute moments then progresses into a comfortable friendship stage. After all the getting-to-know each other phase, the two person then jumps into a romantic stage where so much love, care, happiness and laughers are shared. The couple in this period is always seen smiling and laughing for both of them are in cloud nine. Everything seems new to them. Love is in the air all the time. There are no dull moments, only perfect fun times. Each of them understands each other very well. Of course, there are still little demands but those do not harm the relationship. However, after the seemingly perfect fairy-tale love story, some things start to change. The boyfriend and the girlfriend who used to be inseparable are starting to drift away. Misunderstandings, fights and arguments start to rise between them. They now forget the persons they were in the beginning of the relationship. In fact, it is during this stage that they want to give up and break up with each other. This is the very crucial part of every relationship - the make up or break up part. The question is "Let go or Hold on?"

Each of us may have different answers to the question above. Others choose to let go than stay in a relationship where happiness is no longer there while some choose to continue loving with the hope that things will change. Whatever your decision may be, always remember this important line from the quote above: FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS CHANGE BUT DOESN'T MEAN THAT IF YOU DON'T FEEL SOMETHING FOR EACH OTHER ANYMORE, THE LOVE IS GONE.

Sometimes, all we need to do is to be understanding and learn how to be patient. We have to accept that not all things will happen the way we want them to be. Our partners are not robots who will always follow whatever we say. In order to be happy in a relationship, we have to consider the "i", "you" and "WE." Most importantly, please remember that the misunderstanding stage of the relationship is only passing. When both the couple work hand in hand to solve the problems between them, all the pain will go. What's amazing is love will be stronger again. Remember, love is never gone. It is always there. But sometimes, because of close-mindedness and some relationship busters, love seems to fade. There is no perfect formula for a relationship but I'm certain that the steps I'm talking about exists -- Love, Hurt then Love again. As what my favorite teacher always tell me, "Algene, it is Love with Sacrifice." :)

You can watch the "By Chance" below:

P.S. When too much pain is there, I think letting go is the only option. Do not be a masochist, learn when to walk out in a relationship that does not give you chance to be happy and to mature. Know when enough is enough.


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