Cheer Up

Hey. I want you to know that people surrounding you will surely grieve if you die. So please, do them a favor. Hold on. Never give up. Stand still. Things may not turn out the way you want them to be but always remember that these are only temporary. Eventually, all the things that seem to hurt and bring you down will soon vanish. Never lose faith. Gather strength from the people who loves you and cares for you. Do not let melancholy take your life away. Always remember that there are many happy things in this world which you can't see because you have filled yourself and your life with so much blues. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture of your situation. You will discover that you are luckier than anybody else. Whatever your problems are in the moment are only passing. You can do many things to solve those and committing suicide is not one of the solutions. Let go of the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. Instead of worrying, always embrace happiness. Start by being thankful for everything that comes your way no matter how small they may be. Smile.

YOUR LIFE MAY BE FULL OF STORMS RIGHT NOW BUT REMEMBER, IT CAN'T RAIN FOREVER. Tomorrow, the sun will shine and you will thank the rain for all that it has done to you. Because of the heavy rain, you will learn to appreciate more the light of the sun rays.

You are the author of your life. Make every page of it worth reading.

I wrote this post for a friend so he would understand well that life is never fair. He is hurting but all that he's going through shall soon pass. :)


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