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It has been my hobby to download apps on the AppStore every night before going to sleep. I love having new games that I could play during my idle time and getting books/quotes app that I could easily read anytime. Last night, while I was browsing for different items on the AppStore, I saw the Blogger app. I was delighted having seen the app and downloaded it immediately. Thank you to the fast connection for it took me only one minute for the app to be installed completely. I immediately opened the application and signed in...

Thank you so much Google for releasing this app for the iPhone and iPod. When I searched about the Blogger app on the web, I found out that it was just uploaded last September 8, 2011 for iOS and last June 2011 for Android. With this application, I can now easily manage my blog. Pictures can also be uploaded easily in my posts. I can blog anytime and anywhere. Below are some of the screenshots of the Blogger app.

Blogger app will allow you to:

* Select account/blog if you have more than 1.
* Include pictures from the gallery or by taking a picture directly from the app
* Add labels
* Add location information
* Save as draft or immediately publish
* View list of saved/published posts

I now have Blogger on my Social folder. Blogging has never been this fun! I already have mine, get yours too. It's for free!

*Screenshot photo has been deleted for personal reasons :p*


  1. kulay kape tlaga ang page! ^_^

    thnx sa info..wala tlga kc akong alam sa ganito..^_^

  2. @Mai Yang: Ang bilis mong nakavisit back!

    @Arvin: Na-miss kita sa blogosphere :))

  3. uy, thanks for sharing this ! i have been waiting for this app and constantly checking. glad finally meron na.

    thanks for dropping by more than seXy

    visiting you back.

    see you around :)

  4. download ka na :) i love visiting your page! tatambay na ako dun everyday..


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