Losing for a Change

If Facebook has a trending topic exclusive for Ateneans, "Ateneo Fiesta" will surely be in the number one spot. Students, especially those coming from my division, are posting status updates about how sad they are for losing this year. After ten long years of being the champion, Accountancy Division finally gives way for the Engineering and Architecture Division.

Here are some of their rants and you can read the rest in our FB page.

No one can blame BSA-MA students from expressing their feelings of sadness as Ateneo Fiesta 2011 ends. Do you expect these people (well, count me in) to be happy after losing? It is really a heart-breaking news for all of us since ten years of excellence is taken away just like that. We may be sad but still, we're smiling to show everyone that we are good players. We always expect winning but we also know that losing is part of the game. Most of all, we know that we don't have to prove anything to anyone. Losing is no disgrace because we've given our best.

Whatever happened this night, YELLOW WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE COLOR. Nothing will ever change that. I will never get tired of cheering for Griffins!

“That's what learning is, after all; not whether we lose the game, but how we lose and how we've changed because of it and what we take away from it that we never had before, to apply to other games. Losing, in a curious way, is winning.” - Richard Bach

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