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If there's one person in this world who has made me who I am today, it is my father. He has been spending his life for me and our family. He prayed for me to come into his life and since the day his prayers were answered, he never stopped making great things happen in our lives. He always want the best for me, my brother and my mother. I must say, he is a 100% super dad. For me, he is a super hero. Everything he has done helped me in becoming a better person. All that I have right now, I owe to him.

People know me as a happy and jolly person. They always regard me as someone who is full of love. All those things, I've learned at home, I've learned from my father. Papa has shown me consistent love and care, that is why I am a loving person. I always speak of love for love runs in my life -- from my home, to school, and to other important places.

Because of all of those, I want to honor my father and offer this post for him. I love my dad so much! I want him to know how much he means to me and how grateful I am for having someone like him. Advance happy father's day to my Papa Albert. ☺

Dear Papa,
I love you so much. I thank you for devoting your life to me and our family. I thank you for always being there for me. I thank you for the endless love and care you have shown and taught me. You mean a lot to me -- more than you ever thought. I am grateful for having you as my father. As what I always tell you, you are the best dad in this world for me. You may be strict most of the time but I understand, I know you just want the best for me. Every great thing in my life right now comes from you and I want to talk you for it, Pa. Thanks for making my life better. Thank you for never giving up on me. I love you, Pa! I'll always be your little girl. That's a promise!

A picture of Homer in the moon. A simple screenshot showing how much a father can do for her daughter. It is amazing how a daugher, a son and a mother, can inspire fathers to be better in what they do.

To end my post, I want to greet all the fathers out there.

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