Let us Love

Everybody is making an issue about the month of February. And I don't really understand why make such a thing. For me, the month of love does not only fall in the second month of the year. I think every month is love month. Every day is love day. We do not need to wait for Feb before we get excited with the thought of love or before we think of special things to do with our loved ones.

But, I find it amazing how everybody loves LOVE. I hear thoughts of love everywhere. Happy couples appreciate love to the highest level. Even if love fails at certain times, still, they value love. I think this is because they know exactly what it means to love someone with all your heart. Even single people are pleased with love. Despite of not being in a relationship with someone, still, they value love for they know deep in their hearts that loving someone is possible even if two people are far from each other. Broken-hearted individuals also regard love as something special even if it has cause them so much pain. This only proves that nothing can ever take love away in our hearts.

I have mentioned the word LOVE over and over again in this post. This is because I couldn't find any words to replace the word. No synonyms can ever equate to what love really means.

What I'm really trying to say is that, LET US KEEP LOVING EVERY DAY. We do not need to wait for certain days to express how much we love someone. We do not need special occasions to surprise the persons we love. All we need to do is to fill ourselves with so much love because LOVE BEGETS LOVE. When you give love to people, you receive more love.

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