Farewell, Sir.

People come and go. Some of them go leaving us foot prints that we will always remember and treasure. While some of them go without leaving anything behind. Some people enter our lives when we least expect them and when we don't have any idea that they will make a difference.

It is a pleasure for me to have known somebody who appears to be a very strict person and yet a very great one once known. I am talking about my Project Management teacher who has done nothing but make everything easy in school and in life. He does not believe that in order for a person to learn, he or she needed to undergo many difficulties and overcome obstacle in his or her life. He simply wants everyone to be great in whatever one wants to do and to achieve self-fulfillment by believing in one's self.

I am very thankful for the days I have spent with him every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I can still remember the first night I met him. He directly gave everyone a quiz about PERT CPM and I was not able to answer the question since I missed the first meeting (it was the second meeting then). I thought I'd get low grades on his class since my start was not great and he really looked like he does not patronizes high grades. That conception lasted long until I got my first prelim grade which was really high. I thought he is perfectionist but he is not. It's just that he wants to make things great that is why there are times that he scolds the class especially when he is in a bad mood. I thought he is a terror teacher but again, I was wrong. Instead, he is approachable, funny and very helpful. The best thing about him is that he believes in me and in my classmates. As what he always say, "I know you are bright guys. It's just that sometimes you are crazy." I think the best part in a student's life is hearing his or her teacher say those kinds of words. So, imagine our happiness everytime he praises us when we feel like we are not great students. It's a great feeling to know that someone you respect believes that you have the capability to shine and have the crack of the eye in the crowd where you belong.

Among the teachers I have studied with, I can say that he is the one that has really made a difference. I may be not that close to him but somehow, deep down inside me, I know I have established a connection with him. I can see him as a father, too. In fact, I always remember what he once told me, "Your father really loves you so much, noh? Imagine he got you an Itouch. Dapat suklian mo ng kabutihan 'yun. Be a good girl." Diba, nakaka-touch?

Anyway, my teacher's name is Sir Ernesto Soriano. Last night, he said goodbye to the class for it was our last meeting. He will be going to Bukidnon for his business. That's why we gave him a little surprise program yesterday. :)))))

I will never forget him. He gave everyone his e-mail and promised that he will be getting in touch with us whenever we need him. All it takes is one mail to reach him.

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