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Monday, February 28

Walk In My Closet Luxury Destination

Have you ever coveted someone's luxury designer item but it's no longer available for sale anywhere? Unfortunately for a lot of us, we cannot afford high end goods straight off the rack as much as we'd like to, and by the time we have saved enough, the piece would probably be sold out, or our sizes no longer available.

With such high demand for designer pieces, luxury reseller websites are popping up all over the Internet, offering pre-loved, vintage luxury goods at a more reasonable rate to those interested. There's been a change in the mind-set of fashion lovers everywhere; consignment shopping used to have a stigma to it but there is a younger generation of fashionistas who have maybe just started in the workforce without huge salaries that are more open-minded about recycling and reusing high-end items. Most women don't have the budgets to purchase $5,000 handbags, but they still have the desire to be fashionable and own luxury items, so the popularity of high end consignment stores is now growing exponentially.
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Thursday, February 17

Farewell, Sir.

People come and go. Some of them go leaving us foot prints that we will always remember and treasure. While some of them go without leaving anything behind. Some people enter our lives when we least expect them and when we don't have any idea that they will make a difference.

It is a pleasure for me to have known somebody who appears to be a very strict person and yet a very great one once known. I am talking about my Project Management teacher who has done nothing but make everything easy in school and in life. He does not believe that in order for a person to learn, he or she needed to undergo many difficulties and overcome obstacle in his or her life. He simply wants everyone to be great in whatever one wants to do and to achieve self-fulfillment by believing in one's self.

I am very thankful for the days I have spent with him every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I can still remember the first night I met him. He directly gave everyone a quiz about PERT CPM and I was not able to answer the question since I missed the first meeting (it was the second meeting then). I thought I'd get low grades on his class since my start was not great and he really looked like he does not patronizes high grades. That conception lasted long until I got my first prelim grade which was really high. I thought he is perfectionist but he is not. It's just that he wants to make things great that is why there are times that he scolds the class especially when he is in a bad mood. I thought he is a terror teacher but again, I was wrong. Instead, he is approachable, funny and very helpful. The best thing about him is that he believes in me and in my classmates. As what he always say, "I know you are bright guys. It's just that sometimes you are crazy." I think the best part in a student's life is hearing his or her teacher say those kinds of words. So, imagine our happiness everytime he praises us when we feel like we are not great students. It's a great feeling to know that someone you respect believes that you have the capability to shine and have the crack of the eye in the crowd where you belong.

Among the teachers I have studied with, I can say that he is the one that has really made a difference. I may be not that close to him but somehow, deep down inside me, I know I have established a connection with him. I can see him as a father, too. In fact, I always remember what he once told me, "Your father really loves you so much, noh? Imagine he got you an Itouch. Dapat suklian mo ng kabutihan 'yun. Be a good girl." Diba, nakaka-touch?

Anyway, my teacher's name is Sir Ernesto Soriano. Last night, he said goodbye to the class for it was our last meeting. He will be going to Bukidnon for his business. That's why we gave him a little surprise program yesterday. :)))))

I will never forget him. He gave everyone his e-mail and promised that he will be getting in touch with us whenever we need him. All it takes is one mail to reach him.

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Saturday, February 12


I was busy writing a case study for a friend for his Managerial Economics (I was doing him a favor) subject when a familiar song played on the television. The lyrics of the song says:

"Sana'y pag-ibig nalang ang isipin
nang bawat isa sa mundo.
Sana'y pag-ibig nalang ang isipin
Sana'y magkatotoo.
Sana'y laging magbigayan.
Sana'y laging magmahalan."

Somehow, I felt I had to stop with what I was doing and to write something about the song. I must say, it has really moved me. It was as if the singer was talking to me, eye-to-eye. The lyrics of the song were so nice and has a power of communicating it to its listeners. It is full of hope and wishes for mankind. It asks for more love and giving for the world. For this post, I will use my own country's language to express what I really feel.

Sana'y pag-ibig nalang ang isipin ng bawat isa sa mundo. Diba, napakasayang mangarap ng mga bagay na magaganda? Isipin mo nalang kung ano ang mangyayari kung bukas, paggising mo, hindi mo na maririnig sa telebisyon ang sari-saring mukha ng karahasan sa mundo. Isipin mo nalang kung lahat ng mga isyus na nagdadala ng sakit sa mga tao ay biglang maglaho sa isang iglap? Isipin mo nalang kung paglabas mo sa bahay niyo, hindi mo makikita ang mga taong nag-aaway at hindi mo maririnig ang mga ingay nila. Isipin mo nalang kung bawa't-isa sa atin ay puno ng pagmamahal. Diba, napakasaya? Napakapangyarihan nga talaga ng pag-ibig. Kaya nitong ayusin lahat ng magugulo at kaya nitong magdulot ng pagbabago. Sana lahat tayo ay puno ng pag-ibig sa ating mga puso. Mas bubuti ang mga buhay natin at mas aayos ang lahat.

Sana'y laging magbigayan. Tayong lahat ay hindi nabubuhay sa mundo para sa ating mga sarili lamang. Binigyan tayo ng pagkakataong mabuhay upang ibahagi ang kabutihan sa mga taong nakapaligid sa atin. Lahat ng meron tayo ngayon ay bigay sa atin ng Diyos. Kailangan natin itong ibahagi sa mga taong nangangailangan nito upang mapatunayan natin sa Maykapal na lahat ng natatanggap natin ay hindi natin pinag-dadamot sa ibang tao. Mas sasaya ang buhay natin kung alam nating nakatulong tayo sa ibang tao. Ang tunay na pagkatao ay hindi nasusukat sa kung anong meron ka kundi sa kabutihang naibabahagi sa kapwa-tao.

Sana'y laging magmahalan. Ang saya ng buhay na puno ng pag-ibig at pagmamahalan. Napakasayang mabuhay kung alam mong marunong kang magmahal at alam mong maraming nagmamahal sa'yo. Alam mo ba yung pakiramdam na pag-gising mo sa umaga, nakangiti ka dahil ramdam na ramdam mo ang pag-ibig sa iyong puso? Alam mo ba yung pakiramdam na sobrang saya dahil sa mga taong mahal mo? Ang saya na dulot ng tunay na pagmamahal ay hindi mapapantayan ng ano mang bagay dito sa mundo.

Nawa'y naintindihan niyo ang nais kong ipahiwatig sa inyo. Pakinggan niyo ang kanta at hayaan niyong baguhin nito ang inyong pananaw sa buhay at pag-ibig.

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Wednesday, February 9

Life and Death

I really don't understand the reason why some people just take away their lives with a single snap of their hands. I don't get the point why they kill their own selves. Life is really complicated. Some people commit suicide like life has no value. While some people are trying all the best that they can in order to add some more days and months living. It's a paradox.

Think of the cancer patients who undergo countless chemotherapies to help them ease the pain and to extend their lives. Think of the people suffering from great illnesses who pray every night for God to help them cure. Think of those who died in accidents who wished they were given more time to live. Think of the babies who wasn't given the chance to see the world. Now think of those who have every thing they need in their lives, those who do not need to undergo medical treatments to extend their lives, those who do not cry for help every night, those who have all the chances to enjoy life BUT WHO CHOSE TO COMMIT SUICIDE.

Isn't it sad to know that while others strive hard to live, others take life for granted? These things came to my mind earlier this day because of the news I have read on Twitter and heard on TV. The former defense secretary Angelo Reyes committed suicide. It was said that he shot himself after visiting his mother's grave and telling the latter that he will never dishonor the name of their family. For the past weeks, there has been a controversy in the Philippine Senate because of the accusation about the graft and corruption committed by the Generals of the Air Forces of the Philippines (AFP.) According to the whistle blower, these generals receive large amounts of money under the former PGMA's term. The late secretary Reyes was one of the persons in the AFP that was allegedly accused as a corrupt military chief. There is an on-going hearing of the case in the Senate that had probably affected the late secretary on his decision to commit suicide.

I just feel so sad about what happened and the ending of his life. He shot himself dead, maybe, for the reason of running away from all the problems that he is currently facing. Maybe he couldn't take it anymore and decided to cut his life short rather than suffer with all the accusations that are thrown to him. For me, whatever his reasons are, still, killing his self is not justifiable. He may have escaped from all the problems but he has also missed many opportunities in life. He may have abstained himself from the crime but he has also taken away the moments that he could have spent with his loved one should he had lived. I believe that he was a man of great honor and intelligence but what he just did degraded his whole self.

I wish he had spent more time with his self and more time evaluating about the happenings in his life. I wish he was stronger to combat the problems that he was in. I wish he had the courage to face everything. I wish he had more hope to believe that no matter what happens, life goes on. I wish he had seen the value of a happy family to prevent him from taking his life away. May he rest in peace.

What happened should serve as a lesson to all of us. No matter how big our problems are, still, killing one's self is not the answer. Ending one's life does not ease the burdens in life but rather, it makes everything more complicated. I hope we all value the gift of life because not everybody has the chance to enjoy its fullness. Others are taken by God at a very young age while some of us are given more chances to enjoy the fullness of life.

Let us preserve our life and continue to serve others. Let us thank God for sunshine that makes our every morning great. Thank God, we're alive.

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Sunday, February 6

Let us Love

Everybody is making an issue about the month of February. And I don't really understand why make such a thing. For me, the month of love does not only fall in the second month of the year. I think every month is love month. Every day is love day. We do not need to wait for Feb before we get excited with the thought of love or before we think of special things to do with our loved ones.

But, I find it amazing how everybody loves LOVE. I hear thoughts of love everywhere. Happy couples appreciate love to the highest level. Even if love fails at certain times, still, they value love. I think this is because they know exactly what it means to love someone with all your heart. Even single people are pleased with love. Despite of not being in a relationship with someone, still, they value love for they know deep in their hearts that loving someone is possible even if two people are far from each other. Broken-hearted individuals also regard love as something special even if it has cause them so much pain. This only proves that nothing can ever take love away in our hearts.

I have mentioned the word LOVE over and over again in this post. This is because I couldn't find any words to replace the word. No synonyms can ever equate to what love really means.

What I'm really trying to say is that, LET US KEEP LOVING EVERY DAY. We do not need to wait for certain days to express how much we love someone. We do not need special occasions to surprise the persons we love. All we need to do is to fill ourselves with so much love because LOVE BEGETS LOVE. When you give love to people, you receive more love.

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