Why a Promo Code for Free Shipping Encourages Shoppers to Buy

You’re sitting in front of your computer, placing products into your shopping cart and ticking off the items one by one. You’re also keeping track of all the promo codes and just how much you’ll be saving. When you get to the purchase you’re making, you plan to use a free shipping promo code because this transaction alone is likely to go over $50. Being able to shave the shipping charges off your purchase makes it easier to handle the final cost.

Completing Your Purchase

As you browse the different departments of the online Macy’s retail store, you are carefully keeping track of everything you are buying, how much each item costs and the discounts that any promo codes will give you. Because you found beauty products that you planned to buy, you add them to your shopping cart. Writing down your new cumulative total, you wince slightly, and then glance at the applicable Macy’s promo code – free shipping that will certainly reduce your total charge.

Over 65 percent of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts just before they get to the checkout point, according to the ConversionXL website. It could be that they simply decided not to buy. Or, when they added up the total of their purchase, along with shipping charges and any applicable taxes, they realized the purchase would be too much for their budgets. If these shoppers had coupon codes to help them keep costs down, they may have completed their shopping trips.

How Those Promo Codes Help

Promo codes help shoppers to buy items they need or that they plan to give as gifts. In a tight economy, most, if not all shoppers will be looking for ways they can economize and hold onto as much of their money as they can.

Free shipping promo codes, as well as codes for additional savings on clearance items and printable coupons for in-store use all help these consumers. Look at the free shipping on beauty purchases costing at least $50. Depending on the beauty items being ordered, you can save a few dollars, especially if you end up ordering the beauty items separately from other purchases. As you read the terms of this promo code, make sure you understand the restrictions and any time limitations.

Unexpected Costs and Giving Up

Unexpected costs can cut into your anticipated savings when you’re shopping. If these add only a few dollars to your overall purchase, you may decide to eat the cost. If they are significant, however, you may decide that it’s just not worth it to shop at this time. Result: You give up and leave the website, abandoning your virtual shopping cart.

If you’ve shopped online at Macy’s or other larger stores, the free shipping is a definite benefit that brings you back time after time. When you don’t get this benefit elsewhere, you may decide it’s not worth shopping at those other stores.


Free shipping is one of the biggest reasons shoppers patronize online retail stores like Macy’s. Whether you’re shopping for items for your home or for gifts, these costs add up. According to ConversionXL, the lure of “Free Shipping Week” encouraged online shoppers to shop online during the six-week shopping period just before Thanksgiving of 2012. During the work week of December 17 through 21, 53 percent more shoppers ordered online because of free shipping offers. Clearly, these shoppers knew that they would be saving significantly by shopping at online stores that offer free shipping promo codes. When you consider that “unexpected costs” can include the price of shipping your orders, it only makes sense to take advantage of a free shipping offer.

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