Married Life

Isn't this one of the sweetest ways to propose to your loved one?

Just tonight, I had conversations with my titos and titas about life and love. I have taken note of the great changes between the talks we used to have when I was a little younger and now that I've grown up. I can say that I am mature in dealing with certain things in life at my age of 19. Maybe this is because of the experiences I have been as I live my life and of the open mindedness that I have when I deal with real stuffs.

Our main topic was about marriage. It became the talk of the night because a family friend of ours just got married and the celebration continued until tonight. According to them, marriage life is not an easy path to take. It involves happiness, joy, laughters, tears, pains and sufferings. Just like the water in the sea, it has its high and low tide. Just like the sea, it offers the sweet breeze of air and delivers great destructive waves. All that married couples need to do is to just swim and survive every ups and downs. As what they say, "Thou shall not give up." They also told me not to rush into getting married and make the best out of my life.

I just smiled at them and told them, "Uh-uh, not yet po. I'm still enjoying my single life pero I'll be getting married and become a good wife. *sabay tawa*" All of them laughed and somewhat became sad because of the great possibility that someday, I'll get married and will leave with a man they barely know. Even that fact scares me. :| But while the journey is still on, I will prepare myself into becoming a good wife someday. I hope and pray that my current boyfriend will become my future husband. I wish that our love may become stronger as what is happening right in this moment. I know that the kind of relationship we have is incomparable to married life but I know for sure that we will become better.

Someday, I'll walk down an aisle and remember the things my titos and titas have said. I'll have a good marriage. That I promise myself.

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  1. Yeah. marriage is not an easy road to take. Its not about the ceremony but it is all about the vows of forever be in love.

    I wish you all the best in this path iha and as one of your post says "mother knows best". Makikinig ka sa magulang pagdating dito.

    Wilma -

  2. Salamat po sa payo ate. Ang bait mo. Hehehehe. Soon, sana nga po. :)


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