"Friends are the bacon bits in the salad of life."

Sometimes, i find myself amazed to the fact that up to this moment, I know I have real friends surrounding me. I know that the treasures i have found six years ago are still the treasures I want to keep forever. In these days, it is hard for someone to find real friends to be there for him or her. So, I consider myself very lucky :)

I remember the first time i met the people I call my "barkada." It all began in a four-walled classroom way back in our high school years. We all had different personalities and views about certain things. Despite those differences, we hang out and share special moments together. Somehow along the way, we clicked. We became real brothers and sisters - being there for one another and never leaving. Because of them, I enjoyed the whole journey of my high school life. Because of them too, I am currently enjoying the every day of my life. Now that we are graduating in college, we seldom see each other but we make sure that we go out together. Some of us are in Manila, Cagayan and Cebu.. While the rest stays here in Davao. We have our reunions every sembreak, Christmas break and summer!

And, we also have our Saturdays dinner at home. I feel good that now that we've grown up, we're open to bringing our loved ones on our dinner dates. Now, it's not only "us" but plus our boyfriends and girlfriends. I just love it when we cook and prepare meals for each other.

(on our 1.22.11 dinner)

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