Five Things You Must Buy Before Your New Baby Arrives

If you have a baby on the way, there are many things to consider. One of the most important things is to make sure you have everything you are going to need. Once Junior arrives, it becomes a lot more difficult to pick up the bits and pieces you do not already have. You know you need diapers and clothes; but you need other things too, and some of them may not be immediately obvious. Make a list, and then search the best baby stores online for good deals. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be for you to transition from expectant mother to mother.

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A Teething Toy

It may not be the very first thing you need, but you should buy a teething toy now. You do not want to be without one on that day when baby starts screaming the house down, which will come between three months and one year of birth, according to You should purchase something that is made of plastic, so you can easily sterilize it. Furthermore, you want it to have few or no moving parts, so there are fewer places for bacteria to grow. Finally, you want one that you can put in the freezer. A cold chew toy will help to ease baby's discomfort. 

A Stroller

You have probably already thought about getting a stroller, but have you considered getting two? This is a good idea, according to The first stroller you buy should be the one you use most of the time, but you should also consider getting a second stroller that is a lightweight alternative. This is the stroller to use when you are travelling light, or you know you are going to be hopping in and out of cabs all day. All of the best baby stores offer a wide variety of strollers, so you can pick models to suit your budget.

A Diaper Bag

At some point, you are going to need to change diapers on the go. The problem with most diaper bags is that they look like diaper bags. Buy a tote that looks more like a handbag, so you can get away with only taking one bag with you when you go anywhere. Besides, there is no reason you cannot look stylish, even when you are a mom. Just remember to pick something that you can wipe clean, with plenty of pockets.

Receiving Blankets

Swaddling helps to soothe babies, encouraging them to cry less and sleep for longer, according to Any parent of a newborn will know that sounds like heaven, so getting a receiving blanket is essential. You need a blanket that baby cannot easily wriggle out of. Something lightweight and large is a good choice. You can also get blankets that have Velcro to secure them in place.

Healing Balm

Babies are going to develop various skin conditions as they grow and develop, including diaper rash and eczema. You can buy a variety of creams, but the best idea is to get a cream that will work for any situation. A good healing balm, like the kind available at all of the best baby stores, will work for diaper rash just as well as it works for scratches and minor cuts. Of course, it is essential to purchase a cream that is suitable for use on sensitive skin every day.

Be Prepared

You will never feel like you are completely ready for the arrival of a new child; but if you plan carefully, make an extensive list of the things you need, and make wise purchases, you will be better prepared than you think you are.

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