Friday, January 28

Sharing Those

I just spent the whole night with my boyfriend's friends playing poker and taking pictures of ourselves. We had dinner earlier and decided to hang out at bf's place. We were laughing and having so much fun until we saw Julius Babao's Krusada on ABS-CBN.

It's as if someone called our attention and pinched our hearts. We stopped the fun and watched the show. The topic for the night was the Food Donation Act proposed by former Senator Dick Gordon (current president of Philippine National Red Cross). According to this bill, the hotels and restaurants shall donate their excess foods for the day to the poor people instead of throwing it to the trash bins. As the ex-Senator has said,
"Ang ideya nito, halimbawa kung nagpaparty ka, marami kang excess food, o yung sa mga buffet. Hindi yung pinagkainan, hindi yung tira kundi yung hindi nagalaw na pagkain, kukunin yan ng mga taga-Red Cross, o kaya iba't ibang mga tao. At alinsunod sa isang plano na bibigyan yung mga taong hirap na hirap sa buhay, sila ay bibigyan."
There has been a debate by the Hotels and Restaurants community whether to give their extra food to the poor people. There are two houses. The first house says yes because helping the persons in need doesn't hurt. Instead of throwing the left-over foods to the garbage can, they believe in filling the empty stomachs of their fellowmen by giving them the excess foods. On the other hand, the second house says no because according to them, the contrary of the goal might happen. Instead of helping out the Filipino people below the poverty line, they might cause more harm to them by giving out spoiled foods. They said that it's the long-time policy of every food establishments to always throw their excess foods.

Himig ng Pag-asa

I strongly agree with the proposed bill by Dick Gordon. I hope that it may be approved as soon as possible since it was proposed since 2009 and now, it's 2011. I believe that this is one way of giving hope to the Filipino people who are not given an opportunity to eat meals three times or more a day. Poverty is one of the major problems that the Philippines is currently facing. I heard earlier that there has been a growth of 3 million people who belongs to the "isang kahig-isang tuka" population. I know that it is the country's government's responsibility to care for the poor but I also believe that it is every Filipino's duty to help his or her fellowmen. Let us help one another and fight together against poverty. I know we can make it through. :)

NOTE *source:
To be qualified as food donations, food surpluses should pass all quality and labeling standards enforced by laws and regulations to ensure that all excess food and leftovers collected are fit for human consumption.
Signed by President Gloria Arroyo on November 25, 2009, the Food Donation Act is a consolidated version of Gordon’s Senate Bill No. 150 and Parañaque Representative Eduardo Zialcita’s House Bill No. 420

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Wednesday, January 26


"Friends are the bacon bits in the salad of life."

Sometimes, i find myself amazed to the fact that up to this moment, I know I have real friends surrounding me. I know that the treasures i have found six years ago are still the treasures I want to keep forever. In these days, it is hard for someone to find real friends to be there for him or her. So, I consider myself very lucky :)

I remember the first time i met the people I call my "barkada." It all began in a four-walled classroom way back in our high school years. We all had different personalities and views about certain things. Despite those differences, we hang out and share special moments together. Somehow along the way, we clicked. We became real brothers and sisters - being there for one another and never leaving. Because of them, I enjoyed the whole journey of my high school life. Because of them too, I am currently enjoying the every day of my life. Now that we are graduating in college, we seldom see each other but we make sure that we go out together. Some of us are in Manila, Cagayan and Cebu.. While the rest stays here in Davao. We have our reunions every sembreak, Christmas break and summer!

And, we also have our Saturdays dinner at home. I feel good that now that we've grown up, we're open to bringing our loved ones on our dinner dates. Now, it's not only "us" but plus our boyfriends and girlfriends. I just love it when we cook and prepare meals for each other.

(on our 1.22.11 dinner)

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Five Things You Must Buy Before Your New Baby Arrives

Monday, January 24

Five Things You Must Buy Before Your New Baby Arrives

If you have a baby on the way, there are many things to consider. One of the most important things is to make sure you have everything you are going to need. Once Junior arrives, it becomes a lot more difficult to pick up the bits and pieces you do not already have. You know you need diapers and clothes; but you need other things too, and some of them may not be immediately obvious. Make a list, and then search the best baby stores online for good deals. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be for you to transition from expectant mother to mother.

 photo GODADDYP_zps2f6ee707.png

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Sunday, January 16

Married Life

Isn't this one of the sweetest ways to propose to your loved one?

Just tonight, I had conversations with my titos and titas about life and love. I have taken note of the great changes between the talks we used to have when I was a little younger and now that I've grown up. I can say that I am mature in dealing with certain things in life at my age of 19. Maybe this is because of the experiences I have been as I live my life and of the open mindedness that I have when I deal with real stuffs.

Our main topic was about marriage. It became the talk of the night because a family friend of ours just got married and the celebration continued until tonight. According to them, marriage life is not an easy path to take. It involves happiness, joy, laughters, tears, pains and sufferings. Just like the water in the sea, it has its high and low tide. Just like the sea, it offers the sweet breeze of air and delivers great destructive waves. All that married couples need to do is to just swim and survive every ups and downs. As what they say, "Thou shall not give up." They also told me not to rush into getting married and make the best out of my life.

I just smiled at them and told them, "Uh-uh, not yet po. I'm still enjoying my single life pero I'll be getting married and become a good wife. *sabay tawa*" All of them laughed and somewhat became sad because of the great possibility that someday, I'll get married and will leave with a man they barely know. Even that fact scares me. :| But while the journey is still on, I will prepare myself into becoming a good wife someday. I hope and pray that my current boyfriend will become my future husband. I wish that our love may become stronger as what is happening right in this moment. I know that the kind of relationship we have is incomparable to married life but I know for sure that we will become better.

Someday, I'll walk down an aisle and remember the things my titos and titas have said. I'll have a good marriage. That I promise myself.

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Why a Promo Code for Free Shipping Encourages Shoppers to Buy

Wednesday, January 12

Why a Promo Code for Free Shipping Encourages Shoppers to Buy

You’re sitting in front of your computer, placing products into your shopping cart and ticking off the items one by one. You’re also keeping track of all the promo codes and just how much you’ll be saving. When you get to the purchase you’re making, you plan to use a free shipping promo code because this transaction alone is likely to go over $50. Being able to shave the shipping charges off your purchase makes it easier to handle the final cost.

Completing Your Purchase

As you browse the different departments of the online Macy’s retail store, you are carefully keeping track of everything you are buying, how much each item costs and the discounts that any promo codes will give you. Because you found beauty products that you planned to buy, you add them to your shopping cart. Writing down your new cumulative total, you wince slightly, and then glance at the applicable Macy’s promo code – free shipping that will certainly reduce your total charge.

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Saturday, January 8

She is back.

It has been a long time since I last visited this blog. I haven't had enough time over the past few months to take a look at my favorite The COFFEE Chic.. Yea, things have changed. I am no longer the old blogger who always have something sensible to post. I don't know what brought that change. Whatever that is, it made me a terrible blogger. I feel so guilty of not being able to find time for this blog.

The story of my life is here and I do not want it to be forgotten. I don't want this blog to be dead. So for the year 2011, I will be back to the old me who always have the passion for blogging. 

Hey, this is Algene! I am here again and now, I am ready to blog. 

This is my first blog post for the new year. Expect new posts for the next days to come. I swear, I WILL BLOG AGAIN.

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