Sunday, November 28

When You Wish Upon A Star

Here she is, wearing a snow-white dress, floating at the edge of the azure ocean and the illimitable sky; here she is in the flickering glow of the magic forest, looking like a vision or a fairy. The most beautiful bride of all. She is you. What are your dreams? What are you desires? What do you wish for? Getting older, turning from a little girl into a young girl and then into a woman, she dramatically changes her views and images of the most important day in her life, adjusting it into the ruthless realities of the world and merciless laws of physics. However, such drastic measures are absolutely redundant. After all, it is not a question of inevitability to violate the laws of gravity to soar above the ocean, and one does not necessitate falling into a fairy tale to visit the enchanted forest. It is not required to renounce the most beautiful Destination wedding  in Florida you can imagine just because you have your doubts and qualms about the reality of your desires. Our answer is simple - all desires come real in Florida. A dream is wish your heart makes, it is a gospel true, so here is something there that wasn’t there before for you dream wedding – make your wedding a Disney fairytale. 
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