I Do!

One of the things that makes me happy about having this special relationship with my guy is that no matter how long we've been dating each other, still, the sweetness stays in us. He never quits on surprising me and making me a happy girlfriend. He still asks me to go out with him, to watch the movies, to play his favorite games and to do other stuff that couples love. We bake, we cook, we work, we clean, we play, we sing, we dance, we hug, we kiss, we care, we love. Looking at my life right now, I can say that I've made a good decision 14 months ago. That is to say "I Do" when he asked me to be his girlfriend. We're still far from saying "I Do" to marriage but we're both praying we'll eventually end up there. :)

Yesterday, we watched the latest movie produced by Star Cinema which starred Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales. I really love the movie and it's something I would love to watch again. But what I love most is the attitude that he showed yesterday. I know he doesn't enjoy watching movies like "I do" but he still watched it because he knows it will make me happy. I must say, I am lucky individual to have found a love that is so sweet. :))


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