HS = HappinesS

No matter what happens, I will never forget my Highschool friends. I have shared countless memories with them. They were there when I first had a crush on someone, when i learned how to party, when I started putting make-ups on and when I first knew the value of friendship. For more than four years, I have spent my life with them. I see them almost everyday - from early morning to late at night. Honestly, they were the reasons why I wanted to go to school before. I wanted to have a daily dose of our mga kabuang and kwentos. Marami akong natutuhan sa kanila and that's why I feel like I owe them a lot.

I checked my YouTube account and found some old videos from highschool. I felt a sudden rush of emotions and I felt like crying. Remembering happy memories is worth tears of joy.

us singing iris :)

senior promenade!

Our batch has this group in facebook which is one of our ways to still get connected despite not being together because of school and other stuffs. Things may have changed but we're still the same young boys and girls who wanted nothing but the best in our lives. :)

Below are some pictures of our latest get-together at Samal Island.

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