Sunday, September 26

Sweets ♥

today is a sweet sunday and so, i'm going to share these to you. :)

Thanks to Foodzillah!
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Top Hindu Holy Places in India

Sunday, September 19

Top Hindu Holy Places in India

It has about a billion followers and has roots as far back as 1,500 BC. As such, Hinduism is the morther faith of India and the oldest religion on the planet.

You can read about Hinduism until the Brahman cows come home but the only real way to get a sense of the religion, in all its complex, multi-faceted, mystical and glorious forms, is to chart your own personal pilgrimage. With that, here are the subcontinent’s must-see Hindu holy places. Whether you’re a backpacker roaming the beaches of Goa or a business executive holed up in meetings at a luxury Noida accommodation outside of Delhi, let this list be your guide.
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HS = HappinesS

No matter what happens, I will never forget my Highschool friends. I have shared countless memories with them. They were there when I first had a crush on someone, when i learned how to party, when I started putting make-ups on and when I first knew the value of friendship. For more than four years, I have spent my life with them. I see them almost everyday - from early morning to late at night. Honestly, they were the reasons why I wanted to go to school before. I wanted to have a daily dose of our mga kabuang and kwentos. Marami akong natutuhan sa kanila and that's why I feel like I owe them a lot.

I checked my YouTube account and found some old videos from highschool. I felt a sudden rush of emotions and I felt like crying. Remembering happy memories is worth tears of joy.

us singing iris :)

senior promenade!

Our batch has this group in facebook which is one of our ways to still get connected despite not being together because of school and other stuffs. Things may have changed but we're still the same young boys and girls who wanted nothing but the best in our lives. :)

Below are some pictures of our latest get-together at Samal Island.

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Saturday, September 18

usapang pamilya.

reading blog posts has always been a favorite hobby of mine. everytime i couldn't sleep, i open my laptop, log in on twitter, tumblr, facebook and blogger.. i would usually concentrate on tumblr but this morning, it was different. i focused more on my main blog which was registered at blogger. i opened different blogs one by one until i came across Palipasan (Aliwan ng Pagal na Isipan). his latest blog entry caught my attention. at the end of his post, there was a question:
"Ikaw kaibigan, pag pamilya ang pinaguusapan, mahirap ba magblog?"

it was a question addressed to anybody who have read his blog. and so, i decided to answer it. i said to myself, "YES, OF COURSE." it's easier to write when you are talking about something that inspires you or something that you are passionate about. blogging about my family is such an easy thing to do because ideas keep running through my mind. i think of how happy my family is and how lucky i am to be a part of it. every time i talk about my family, i really feel a strong energy within me. i am proud to talk about the persons who have always been there for me since the very beginning. they are the ones who have shown me unconditional love, care and patience. that is why, it's easy for me to blog about them because they are my happiness.

MAMA. PAPA. LITTLE BROTHER. they are the most important persons in my life and i swear, i wouldn't exchange them for anything in this world. for nineteen years of living my life, they have always been there to accompany me. they never threaten me of leaving nor have they really left..

my dad works abroad for our family to have a better future. it was always his dream to provide us more than what we need.. i know working far from us is not easy. i know that every night, before he goes to sleep, he would look at our pictures and fight the homesickness. every single day, he would want to go back to the Philippines to be with us. he wanted it so much but he couldn't fly back that easy. he needed to work overseas. he needed to be there for us. he needed to be strong for our family. every day, before he goes to work, he would think of us and be inspired to do his job. he thinks of our happiness first before his.. and that makes me so proud of my papa.

my mom stays at home and takes good care of us. she is a very good housewife and a very loving mother.. my friends really love her because they think she is a really great person and that i'm lucky to be her daughter. there are times that i argue with my mom especially now that i'm on a stage of making major decisions in my life. i know it's not easy being a mother to a daughter like me. it's hard for her to raise two hard-headed children especially that my dad is not on her side. that is why i salute my mama. i know she misses papa so much but she has no choice but to be away from him for us. it's really a great feeling knowing that my parents would do anything for me and my brother..

my brother is my ultimate enemy and best friend. he may not admit how much he really loves me but i know deep down inside him, he loves me so much. he may not thank me always for the projects i made for him, but i know how grateful he really is. it's so great to have him in my life. he may not understand some of my problems, but he is always there to listen and ready to punch anybody who hurts me. he is my protector and my baby. i love my little bro so much.


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Friday, September 17


I am an an avid fan of the TV Series Gossip Girl. Even if its so-last-year for other Teens, I still couldn't get enough of it. I feel that the characters depicted in the TV show are real persons. It's as if they are living not only on the Upper East Side but also on the place where I stay. The lines spoken by their characters is so powerful that it leaves its viewers amazed and happy. Every works spoken and every actions taken by each of them means something. That is why, when I came across this site, I was overjoyed. I just love being reminded of how GG touched my life.

Below are the pictures I got this Tumblr Page I really admire.

"As long as we have each other.."

I admire the friendship of S and B. They're inseparable. They may fight over the most stupid things but in the end, they still find comfort in each other's arm. Nothing really beats the love and care that a bestfriend can give. That is why I really admire my bff for always being there for me. We may not see each other as much as before but we make sure that we're there for each other. Our friendship is through thick and thin. More like of S and B's amazing friendship.

"It was worth it."

Blair and Chuck has always been my favorite couple on-screen. They show what real love is. They make people realize that love is not only about joy, happiness, passion and excitement. It's also about sadness, hatred and pain. It's amazing how they could always say goodbye to each other but the truth is, non of them really left. Just like me and my guy, we may have had many fights before, said many goodbyes but we never really left each other. Every smile and every tear is worth it. Staying and never letting go are the best things to do in a relationship.

Trust. ♥
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Wednesday, September 15

follow me, baby!

No updates for my main blog for the past months.
I don't know. It's not that I'm not inspired.
It's just that I don't feel like writing posts. IRDK.

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