Thick Soles Make It Into Spring (And We Love It)

Wedges hit the catwalks and runways around the world in a big way, they are definitely one style of shoe that's here to stay. The hottest styles and designs ever can be seen on pavements in every town and city as girls start donning their gorgeous thick soles for the spring paired up with fascinating outfits. When it comes to choice of summer sandals for women, the wedge is right up there with the rest!
Jane Shilton Platform Sandals

The Wedge: Stylishly Comfortable
Every fashionista on the planet must have welcomed the reappearance of the wedge on the fashion scene. They are wonderfully stylish and comfortable shoes to wear both during the day and at night. Wedges give a girl more height, just like spiked heels, only they're a lot easier to wear as well as being kinder to a lady's feet. Dancing is a much nicer experience in a pair of wedges than in higher heels too! Finding a great pair of wedge shoes online is convenient because you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Loads of Choices
There's a great choice of materials too, wooden and cork are great options and are easy to keep looking good. But think suede wedges if you want to wear them with a little black number. Suede wedges are chic, sophisticated and can really add that finishing touch of glam to an outfit – the downside is they are much harder to keep looking brilliant unless you regularly treat them with suede shoe care products that is.

Loads of Wedge Heels To Choice
Gone are the days of wedge heels all being and looking the same. Today there's a great choice which means you can find a pair that really suits your foot shape as well as your ankle length – two very important factors when choosing a pair of wedges.

Strappy wedges may look great but they are often quite hard to walk in if a girl needs that little bit of extra support around her ankles. There are some great designs which have ankle and foot strap designs and both give all the support in the right places a girl would ever need. Finding the right shoes online to suit your foot as well as your style is simple – there's a heap of information right at your fingertips.

What To Wear With Wedges
There are some great thick sole wedge shoes which look pretty unique. In fact they are so stylish they look good with dressier outfits. This is great news because there was a time when wedges could only be worn with casual clothes which included things liked flared jeans.
What to wear with wedges

These newer designs are great and look the business with smarter, dressier outfits as well as skinny jeans. Chunky wedges are good for balancing up a girls' proportions – and a bright neon pair can jazz up a darker pair of pants. They also look chic with an A-line skirt and the thicker the wedge the shorter the skirt or even pair of shorts.  When it comes to summer sandals for women, this spring promises to be an exciting time for fashionistas of this world!

Written by Natasha Brown - a bubbly fashionista who loves to talk fashion and style.

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