my bff and her bf..

I started my Thursday with a fully loaded breakfast with my boyfriend. We cooked meals together and savored the moment before we go back to our hometown for a short vacation before the summer class starts. After enjoying the meal with him, we washed the dishes together and prepared for our trip. It was indeed an amazing morning with him. I'm glad we had the chance to have our super-bonding before our physical separation. Nyaiks. We have to be in an LDR for 10 days or more. It will be the longest time that we'll not see each other.. This means spending more time with him via text and chat messages. This also means spending more time with my most favorite couple - Shekinah and Guil! (My bestfriend and her boyfriend.)

One of their kulitan pictures. :))

I arrived at my house in Bislig at around 6PM and I texted my bestfriend right away. After an hour, the doorbell rang. I politely asked our housekeeper to check it and I was so happy to see Kenna with Guil. I missed both of them.. Now that I'm here at my hometown, I'll make sure that my days with my bestfriend will be suppppeeerrr ssssullliiiittt! For the night, I had dinner with her and guil. Tomorrow, I'll have lunch with her for guil will be having an out of town with his family. The next days? I dunno. All I know is that we'll have quality time. :)

Okkaayyy. Let me talk about them here in my blog. What made them my favorite couple?

1. She's my bestfriend. He is her boyfriend.
Simply said, I love my bestfriend and all the persons dear to her.

2. They've been in a lot of roller coaster relationship rides and they survived it all.
I remembered the first stage of their relationship. It was kind of shaky. It was like they never met at the same point. For sure, something was wrong. And what's worst was that it was something seemingly incurable. But after months of not letting go and giving up, everything has changed. Now, things between them are near to perfection. They are happiest. Idol.

3. She loves me. He loves her.
Shekinah never left my side. She was there the first time I learned how to apply make-up, the first time I started wearing slippers in my lakads, and a lot more of my first times. She is always at my side every time I cry my heart out after I feel hurt, every time I feel so much happiness, every time I choose my dresses, every time I have my meriendas at home and a lot more of my moments. I know she loves me and she knows I love her more. I want nothing but happiness for her. The day Guil started loving her was the day she first felt ultimate happines and I thank Guil for it. :)

4. The positivity.
They are always there to remind me of the love I have with Abdel. At times when I felt like giving up, they always make me realize how lucky I am for having an amazing love. Their positivity is something I adore. I am a very positive person but knowing that I am not alone, it makes me feel stronger and happier.

I checked my bestfriend's FB page earlier and her status says:
Nothing is truly meant to be. That's what makes life interesting. We take risks. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, it fails. So he and I will just keep going and going.. Ily..

And I said:
No past. No future. Just the moment.
I disagree with her first statement because I believe that "meant to be" exists. I still have to argue with her tomorrow. LOL. What I love about her stat was that she is affirming to everybody that what matters is the present she has with Guil. Nothing else. Just like me. I don't care about the past and the future. What matters to me is living the moment the best way possible. This means taking risks and never having to say, "sorry."

latest picture with bff on new year's day. more pictures soon. :)

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