Sunday, November 28

When You Wish Upon A Star

Here she is, wearing a snow-white dress, floating at the edge of the azure ocean and the illimitable sky; here she is in the flickering glow of the magic forest, looking like a vision or a fairy. The most beautiful bride of all. She is you. What are your dreams? What are you desires? What do you wish for? Getting older, turning from a little girl into a young girl and then into a woman, she dramatically changes her views and images of the most important day in her life, adjusting it into the ruthless realities of the world and merciless laws of physics. However, such drastic measures are absolutely redundant. After all, it is not a question of inevitability to violate the laws of gravity to soar above the ocean, and one does not necessitate falling into a fairy tale to visit the enchanted forest. It is not required to renounce the most beautiful Destination wedding  in Florida you can imagine just because you have your doubts and qualms about the reality of your desires. Our answer is simple - all desires come real in Florida. A dream is wish your heart makes, it is a gospel true, so here is something there that wasn’t there before for you dream wedding – make your wedding a Disney fairytale. 
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Thursday, October 28

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Saturday, October 2

I Do!

One of the things that makes me happy about having this special relationship with my guy is that no matter how long we've been dating each other, still, the sweetness stays in us. He never quits on surprising me and making me a happy girlfriend. He still asks me to go out with him, to watch the movies, to play his favorite games and to do other stuff that couples love. We bake, we cook, we work, we clean, we play, we sing, we dance, we hug, we kiss, we care, we love. Looking at my life right now, I can say that I've made a good decision 14 months ago. That is to say "I Do" when he asked me to be his girlfriend. We're still far from saying "I Do" to marriage but we're both praying we'll eventually end up there. :)

Yesterday, we watched the latest movie produced by Star Cinema which starred Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales. I really love the movie and it's something I would love to watch again. But what I love most is the attitude that he showed yesterday. I know he doesn't enjoy watching movies like "I do" but he still watched it because he knows it will make me happy. I must say, I am lucky individual to have found a love that is so sweet. :))


Please include your blog site in your comments to this post. Thank you!

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Sunday, September 26

Sweets ♥

today is a sweet sunday and so, i'm going to share these to you. :)

Thanks to Foodzillah!
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Top Hindu Holy Places in India

Sunday, September 19

Top Hindu Holy Places in India

It has about a billion followers and has roots as far back as 1,500 BC. As such, Hinduism is the morther faith of India and the oldest religion on the planet.

You can read about Hinduism until the Brahman cows come home but the only real way to get a sense of the religion, in all its complex, multi-faceted, mystical and glorious forms, is to chart your own personal pilgrimage. With that, here are the subcontinent’s must-see Hindu holy places. Whether you’re a backpacker roaming the beaches of Goa or a business executive holed up in meetings at a luxury Noida accommodation outside of Delhi, let this list be your guide.
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HS = HappinesS

No matter what happens, I will never forget my Highschool friends. I have shared countless memories with them. They were there when I first had a crush on someone, when i learned how to party, when I started putting make-ups on and when I first knew the value of friendship. For more than four years, I have spent my life with them. I see them almost everyday - from early morning to late at night. Honestly, they were the reasons why I wanted to go to school before. I wanted to have a daily dose of our mga kabuang and kwentos. Marami akong natutuhan sa kanila and that's why I feel like I owe them a lot.

I checked my YouTube account and found some old videos from highschool. I felt a sudden rush of emotions and I felt like crying. Remembering happy memories is worth tears of joy.

us singing iris :)

senior promenade!

Our batch has this group in facebook which is one of our ways to still get connected despite not being together because of school and other stuffs. Things may have changed but we're still the same young boys and girls who wanted nothing but the best in our lives. :)

Below are some pictures of our latest get-together at Samal Island.

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Saturday, September 18

usapang pamilya.

reading blog posts has always been a favorite hobby of mine. everytime i couldn't sleep, i open my laptop, log in on twitter, tumblr, facebook and blogger.. i would usually concentrate on tumblr but this morning, it was different. i focused more on my main blog which was registered at blogger. i opened different blogs one by one until i came across Palipasan (Aliwan ng Pagal na Isipan). his latest blog entry caught my attention. at the end of his post, there was a question:
"Ikaw kaibigan, pag pamilya ang pinaguusapan, mahirap ba magblog?"

it was a question addressed to anybody who have read his blog. and so, i decided to answer it. i said to myself, "YES, OF COURSE." it's easier to write when you are talking about something that inspires you or something that you are passionate about. blogging about my family is such an easy thing to do because ideas keep running through my mind. i think of how happy my family is and how lucky i am to be a part of it. every time i talk about my family, i really feel a strong energy within me. i am proud to talk about the persons who have always been there for me since the very beginning. they are the ones who have shown me unconditional love, care and patience. that is why, it's easy for me to blog about them because they are my happiness.

MAMA. PAPA. LITTLE BROTHER. they are the most important persons in my life and i swear, i wouldn't exchange them for anything in this world. for nineteen years of living my life, they have always been there to accompany me. they never threaten me of leaving nor have they really left..

my dad works abroad for our family to have a better future. it was always his dream to provide us more than what we need.. i know working far from us is not easy. i know that every night, before he goes to sleep, he would look at our pictures and fight the homesickness. every single day, he would want to go back to the Philippines to be with us. he wanted it so much but he couldn't fly back that easy. he needed to work overseas. he needed to be there for us. he needed to be strong for our family. every day, before he goes to work, he would think of us and be inspired to do his job. he thinks of our happiness first before his.. and that makes me so proud of my papa.

my mom stays at home and takes good care of us. she is a very good housewife and a very loving mother.. my friends really love her because they think she is a really great person and that i'm lucky to be her daughter. there are times that i argue with my mom especially now that i'm on a stage of making major decisions in my life. i know it's not easy being a mother to a daughter like me. it's hard for her to raise two hard-headed children especially that my dad is not on her side. that is why i salute my mama. i know she misses papa so much but she has no choice but to be away from him for us. it's really a great feeling knowing that my parents would do anything for me and my brother..

my brother is my ultimate enemy and best friend. he may not admit how much he really loves me but i know deep down inside him, he loves me so much. he may not thank me always for the projects i made for him, but i know how grateful he really is. it's so great to have him in my life. he may not understand some of my problems, but he is always there to listen and ready to punch anybody who hurts me. he is my protector and my baby. i love my little bro so much.


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Friday, September 17


I am an an avid fan of the TV Series Gossip Girl. Even if its so-last-year for other Teens, I still couldn't get enough of it. I feel that the characters depicted in the TV show are real persons. It's as if they are living not only on the Upper East Side but also on the place where I stay. The lines spoken by their characters is so powerful that it leaves its viewers amazed and happy. Every works spoken and every actions taken by each of them means something. That is why, when I came across this site, I was overjoyed. I just love being reminded of how GG touched my life.

Below are the pictures I got this Tumblr Page I really admire.

"As long as we have each other.."

I admire the friendship of S and B. They're inseparable. They may fight over the most stupid things but in the end, they still find comfort in each other's arm. Nothing really beats the love and care that a bestfriend can give. That is why I really admire my bff for always being there for me. We may not see each other as much as before but we make sure that we're there for each other. Our friendship is through thick and thin. More like of S and B's amazing friendship.

"It was worth it."

Blair and Chuck has always been my favorite couple on-screen. They show what real love is. They make people realize that love is not only about joy, happiness, passion and excitement. It's also about sadness, hatred and pain. It's amazing how they could always say goodbye to each other but the truth is, non of them really left. Just like me and my guy, we may have had many fights before, said many goodbyes but we never really left each other. Every smile and every tear is worth it. Staying and never letting go are the best things to do in a relationship.

Trust. ♥
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Wednesday, September 15

follow me, baby!

No updates for my main blog for the past months.
I don't know. It's not that I'm not inspired.
It's just that I don't feel like writing posts. IRDK.

You might want to get an update of me by following me on twitter.

Or on tumblr (new page).

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Love and Frustration for Music

Wednesday, August 25

Love and Frustration for Music

Did you know that I'm a frustrated musician? One of my dreams has always been to become a good singer. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, I just could not become one. First of all, I failed to enroll in a musical institution in my early years. I think that was one of the major reasons why I have not developed any talent for singing and even for playing musical instruments. Second, I always hesitate in taking music lessons even at my current age. Let us just say, I'm not so confident when it comes to music.
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Getting Together the Back to School Essentials

Sunday, August 8

Getting Together the Back to School Essentials

It’s that time of year again, where parks, activity farms and local family attractions are full to the brim of school children and their parents, trying to keep them occupied during their time away from school. While it’s an ideal time for parents to enjoy some quality time with their kids, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the six weeks break flies by. Before you know it, it’ll be the weekend before your kids are back at school and if you like a stress-free life, making sure you’re prepared and organised for it is imperative.
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How to Throw the Perfect Movie Night

Sunday, July 18

How to Throw the Perfect Movie Night

A movie night can be a brilliant way of winding down after a long working week. Gather up a handful of your closest friends to escape from the daily grind together with a movie you’ll all enjoy. Here are a few tips to make sure everything goes smoothly:

Deciding the date
Fridays are the perfect time to organise this kind of soiree; it’s a more relaxing way to end the last day of work than, say, clubbing and the movie night can continue into Saturday if your guests want to stay over.

Choose the movie
If possible, decide beforehand on what movie to watch. Otherwise, decide on a genre or favourite actor/actress and provide a selection of relevant movies so everyone can vote on what to watch on the night.
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Why Write a Will?

Saturday, July 17

Why Write a Will?

Writing a will is something you should think about when you are close to retirement age, right? Well, actually it is something you should really think about at any major point in your life. Whether you are in your 20s or your 80s, having a will can ensure that any assets you own will be left to the right people. Although not all wills are foolproof – they can be challenged – this can be a complicated process so check out tipson when to contest a will before you proceed. Below are just a few reasons why you should write a will.
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5 Old Wives Tales for Helping Your Hair Grow Faster

Monday, June 21

5 Old Wives Tales for Helping Your Hair Grow Faster

Whether you are trying to grow your hair out from a disastrous cut or you are simply thinking about having long hair for a while, you'll find that the rate of hair growth can frustrate you. People have always wanted their hair to grow faster, but the truth of the matter is that for the most part, there is little we can do to encourage it. What we can do, however, is to protect our hair while it grows so that the hair we do have is healthy and without split ends that need to be trimmed! To that end, there are quite a few old wives' tales that can help you out.
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Why Do You Need Office Bin Liners

Why Do You Need Office Bin Liners

If you are the owner of a business or are in charge of office supplies, office bin liners surely feature on your monthly list of to-buy items. Although bin liners are available in a number of colours, which most often denote their use, office bin liners are clear in texture in order to denote that it should only be used to dispose of recyclable waste such as paper, newspaper, etc.

Other most common colours used in bin liners are green and black. Rubbish bags are mostly black. On the other hand, bin bags that are used to dispose of biodegradable wastes like fruits, vegetables, grass, and garden clippings are usually green in colour.
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Sunday, June 20


Daddy, thank you so much for this family.

Thank you for the smiles you painted on my face.
Thank you for the hugs you gave at times I need them the most.
Thank you for loving me, my brother and my mom.
Thank you for the never ending support.
Thank you for telling me I can make it no matter what.
Thank you for making me feel the luckiest daughter alive.
Thank you for giving me not only what I need but also what I want.
Thank you for bearing the pain of going to abroad just to support our living.
Thank you for never forgetting to remind me how much you care for me.
Thank you for believing in me.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for being a father.

i will always be your princess.
always a daddy's little girl.


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Plantation Shutters - A Buyer's Guide

Saturday, June 19

Plantation Shutters - A Buyer's Guide

If you want to enhance the look of your windows without spending on draperies, you can opt for plantation shutters. They are popular and highly desirable, nowadays, due to their elegance, versatility, and low maintenance, among others. These create a clean, modern look to any home. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to match various shapes of windows and doors.
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5 Tips When Shopping for Furniture Online

Friday, June 11

5 Tips When Shopping for Furniture Online

Shopping for furniture can be really fun, but can also be a chore, because of the tiring process  that is driving around picking the furniture, sometimes even taking it home yourself, carrying and unpacking it.

Well, when online shopping, many if not all of the negatives can be solved, leaving you with the excitement of picking out what you want for your home, all while sitting in front of your computer.

However, there are a few tips that should be taken into account when online furniture shopping – they can help you save money and get the quality that you want.
Why Lessons Really Are Necessary (Now Go Practice!)

Tuesday, June 8

Why Lessons Really Are Necessary (Now Go Practice!)

Few issues are more widely debated in music than whether the road to success passes through a music teacher's studio, or whether it's best accessed with one's own experimentation and innate talent.

If you quizzed a sampling of professional musicians--whether they're part of a stadium-filling band or a studio musician laying down tracks on a 40-hour schedule--you're likely to find a wide variety of answers.

Well-schooled musicians will tell you that there was no way they would have reached their highest points without good instruction. And many of them learned their crafts from teachers in small towns or modest cities throughout the country, just as you can do with a quick check of TakeLessonsreviews and the local instructors they track.

There's no doubt that certain performers have a knack for their chosen instrument (or instruments). Many players can show evidence that a feel for the instrument and an ear for sound will carry you far.

But there are a number of downfalls with learning music unassisted compared to being under the tutelage of a qualified instructor.

Ability to archive
Or, "What was that brilliant piece?" Learning by ear will most certainly enable you to duplicate the work of others, maybe down to the last note. But if you picked apart Chopin in 2004 and want to perform it in 2013, you will have to largely re-learn it.

On the other hand, with instruction you'll be able simply to archive the sheet music and retrieve it years later, then rehearse it and quickly regain your proficiency.

And if you compose your own melodies, the ability to document it on paper will help you remember it for later, share it with others, and protect it with copyright.

Ability to assimilate
Learning the rudiments of an instrument will help you to understand the methods associated with different styles of music. That's how we ended up with a flash of jazz in Led Zeppelin and a whiff of Big Band in the music of Rush.

Knowing the techniques, chord progressions, syncopations, and other unique elements of many different genres will inject character into both your own compositions and your interpretation of the work of others.

That assimilation of other styles can also shine through in your playing and song selection.  Classical Spanish guitar permeates the Eagles' live version of "Hotel California". Without their propensity for such music, the group's guitarists would have never been able to lay down a classic re-imagining of a legendary rock song.

Ability to expand
You may in no way aspire to multi-instrumental skill, but a qualified teacher may have just the insight to detect something in your talent that you don't see in yourself. This could mean either adding a new instrument to your repertoire or steering you toward one that better suits your skills.

A good music teacher may also choose to accompany you on a different instrument, allowing you to hear the interaction between the two and developing your skill for playing in an ensemble.

The old joke says that how you get to Carnegie Hall is "practice, practice, practice." But unguided practice in music is counterproductive and can limit your success. Spend the time to find a great instructor who inspires and motivates you. That person can take you and your instrument to places you never imagined.
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5 Funny Life Quotes

Sunday, May 30

5 Funny Life Quotes

If there is one thing true about life it is that it is unpredictable. Things are going to happen when you least expect them and you never know what each day is going to bring. Life is one of the most common topics that are talked about because having to go through it is something that we all have in common. Here are some of the best funny life quotes to keep you inspired and laughing at the same time.

"Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen." – Mark Twain

As you get older, you realize what is truly important in life. You realize that what you have doesn’t matter, but the people you are with are what really matter. If you could start your adulthood with this knowledge, you wouldn’t have so much trial and error to go through to reach true happiness.
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Smart Treads this Summer: Awesome Shoes for Little Tootsies

Saturday, May 22

Smart Treads this Summer: Awesome Shoes for Little Tootsies

It's the time of year when most parents will need to update the shoe collection for their young ones. The sunshine is slowly making an appearance, meaning the need for winter boots is coming to an end. While the weather has meant we've seen much more use from boots and wellies this year, it seems like the climate is finally turning around and we're finally finding a use for summer treads.

Having a good selection of shoes forkids will not only mean that there will be more to choose from and therefore, they'll last longer, but it'll also mean there's a pair for every occasion. Don't worry too much about cost either, because at George at ASDA, you can kit the kids out without breaking the bank.

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Friday, May 21


I'll find time to update this blog soon. It's just that Blogger is a leisure I couldn't afford as of the moment. I am busy with being a student, a daugher, a friend, a sister and a girlfriend. I couldn't write long posts like what I used to do.. I still share my feelings in the blogosphere (Tumblr) though but not as detailed as I do here. I really love this site and this means a lot to me. That is why I couldn't just let this go.

I'll find time soon to give The COFFEE CHIC.. what it needs. Soon. Meanwhile, you can get updates of me at:

I only get short posts there. It's easier to shout my feelings there! ;)

Anyway, I want to share these pictures..
(What I have been doing lately.)

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The Perfect TAG Heuer Watch for You

Friday, May 14

The Perfect TAG Heuer Watch for You

A TAG Heuer watch is a mark of distinction that attracts longing glances from all who see it. Since its beginnings in 1860 in St. Imier, Switzerland, the TAG Heuer brand has stood for quality and innovation and stands proud among the most highly desirable watch brands on the market today.

With designs suitable for men and women, the TAG Heuer range of watches is exciting and stylish and will meet the expectations of the most discerning of wearers.

The Carrera range

Watches from the TAG Heuer Carrera range, first introduced in 1963 and named for Mexico’s Carrera Panamericana motor race, have graced the wrists of some of the greatest names in motor sport. The legendary range has been reinvented over the years, yet still imbues the same bold spirit of its origins.

A popular watch in the range is the Calibre 16 Heritage Automatic chronograph, which features a black dial with flinque effect in a stainless steel case with a polished steel strap. It has embossed chronograph counters that can be seen clearly through the non-reflective, anti-scratch crystal sapphire case.
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Thick Soles Make It Into Spring (And We Love It)

Saturday, May 1

Thick Soles Make It Into Spring (And We Love It)

Wedges hit the catwalks and runways around the world in a big way, they are definitely one style of shoe that's here to stay. The hottest styles and designs ever can be seen on pavements in every town and city as girls start donning their gorgeous thick soles for the spring paired up with fascinating outfits. When it comes to choice of summer sandals for women, the wedge is right up there with the rest!
Jane Shilton Platform Sandals

The Wedge: Stylishly Comfortable
Every fashionista on the planet must have welcomed the reappearance of the wedge on the fashion scene. They are wonderfully stylish and comfortable shoes to wear both during the day and at night. Wedges give a girl more height, just like spiked heels, only they're a lot easier to wear as well as being kinder to a lady's feet. Dancing is a much nicer experience in a pair of wedges than in higher heels too! Finding a great pair of wedge shoes online is convenient because you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Loads of Choices
There's a great choice of materials too, wooden and cork are great options and are easy to keep looking good. But think suede wedges if you want to wear them with a little black number. Suede wedges are chic, sophisticated and can really add that finishing touch of glam to an outfit – the downside is they are much harder to keep looking brilliant unless you regularly treat them with suede shoe care products that is.

Loads of Wedge Heels To Choice
Gone are the days of wedge heels all being and looking the same. Today there's a great choice which means you can find a pair that really suits your foot shape as well as your ankle length – two very important factors when choosing a pair of wedges.

Strappy wedges may look great but they are often quite hard to walk in if a girl needs that little bit of extra support around her ankles. There are some great designs which have ankle and foot strap designs and both give all the support in the right places a girl would ever need. Finding the right shoes online to suit your foot as well as your style is simple – there's a heap of information right at your fingertips.

What To Wear With Wedges
There are some great thick sole wedge shoes which look pretty unique. In fact they are so stylish they look good with dressier outfits. This is great news because there was a time when wedges could only be worn with casual clothes which included things liked flared jeans.
What to wear with wedges

These newer designs are great and look the business with smarter, dressier outfits as well as skinny jeans. Chunky wedges are good for balancing up a girls' proportions – and a bright neon pair can jazz up a darker pair of pants. They also look chic with an A-line skirt and the thicker the wedge the shorter the skirt or even pair of shorts.  When it comes to summer sandals for women, this spring promises to be an exciting time for fashionistas of this world!

Written by Natasha Brown - a bubbly fashionista who loves to talk fashion and style.
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How to Be a Better Jobseeker

Wednesday, April 28

How to Be a Better Jobseeker

Limited job vacancies means greater competition among jobseekers for work, so to get that job you have to make your job application stand out from the rest. You need every advantage you can get. The following advice has been obtained from a number of professionals in the recruitment field and will help. It highlights the three main phases of a job application – the CV, the interview and post-interview. Alternatively, you can always approach a professional recruitment consultant for advice.

The CV

Recruiters and hiring managers are often flooded with CVs for every post they advertise. Yours will be just one among many, so it is vital that it stands out if it is to attract their attention. To have the best chance, your CV should be well formatted using a standard font like Times New Roman or Ariel. It should be clear and easy to read and should be tailored to the particular job you are applying for.  It should have:

A short paragraph at the top explaining your skills and attributes.
A list of relevant qualifications.
Your career history, highlighting key responsibilities and any achievements.
Keep it to no more than two sides of A4.

The interview

The interview is the crucial phase of your job application. You have got this far because your CV looked impressive and you have been short-listed as a possible new employee.  There are two types of interview – the telephone interview and the face-to-face interview.

For the telephone interview you should note the following:

Make sure you are somewhere quiet and will not be disturbed.
Think before you answer.
Ask the interviewer to repeat a question if you don’t hear it clearly.
Have some prepared questions to ask at the end.
Speak clearly and confidently.
For a successful face-to-face interview you should:

Do your homework. Find out what you can about the company, its history, competitors and plans for the future.  Also find out about the position you hope to fill.
Anticipate likely questions and have answers prepared.
Ask sensible questions about the company and the job.
Be on time and dress appropriately; this shows respect and shows your professionalism.
Turn off your mobile phone.
Never comment adversely about your current position or previous jobs or your employer(s). It shows disloyalty and suggests that you might make similar comments about your prospective employer if you move on later.

After the interview

When the interview is over thank the interviewer for his time, shake hands and leave. Wait until you have left the building before taking out your mobile phone and texting or making calls; you don’t want to give the impression that the interview was an intrusion on your busy social life.

Also, and vitally important, don’t go on Facebook and tell everyone about the interview. Certainly don’t make any critical remarks about the interviewer or the company, even if you have been unsuccessful – they could come back to haunt you.

If you are offered the job, make sure that it is really right for you before you accept and make sure that you understand the terms and conditions being offered. And, when you leave your old job, depart with grace. Thank them for the time you worked there and the experience you gained, even if you hated it. Always leave a good impression and never burn your bridges.

Randstad recruit for a range of positions but competiton for receptionist jobs in the UK are particulary fierce at the moment.
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5 Creative Ways to Print Your Wedding Photos

5 Creative Ways to Print Your Wedding Photos

So you’ve had your big day and the photographer took heaps of wonderful photos of you and your family. Now is the moment to decide how you are going to display them. There are heaps of different creative ways of showing off your happy snaps that give your wedding photos a style that is uniquely different! Here are 5 awesome ways of printing your wedding snaps.

Fridge Magnet

The usual wedding photo portrait on the wall is definitely a nice way to go and is the traditional way that many people like to keep a reminder of their special day. But having a magnet on your fridge of your wedding snap will mean that you and your partner have a unique way of remembering the joy of that very special day that the two of you shared together.
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Plan your Next Holiday in Cape Town

Sunday, April 18

Plan your Next Holiday in Cape Town

pool right

The city of Cape Town is by far the most beautiful city that the country of South Africa has to offer. For this reason, the city is a popular holiday destination for local and international tourists. It does not matter what type of a holiday you are looking for. Cape Town will offer every person a chance to enjoy the type of holiday they want.

You could be looking for a historic adventure or you might want to spend some lazy afternoons at one of the finest beaches in the world. When you visit Cape Town you will have a chance to enjoy everything; the land, nature and of course the amazing waters of the city. For a tourist who is visiting Cape Town there are many different factors that could have brought him there.
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Thursday, March 25

my bff and her bf..

I started my Thursday with a fully loaded breakfast with my boyfriend. We cooked meals together and savored the moment before we go back to our hometown for a short vacation before the summer class starts. After enjoying the meal with him, we washed the dishes together and prepared for our trip. It was indeed an amazing morning with him. I'm glad we had the chance to have our super-bonding before our physical separation. Nyaiks. We have to be in an LDR for 10 days or more. It will be the longest time that we'll not see each other.. This means spending more time with him via text and chat messages. This also means spending more time with my most favorite couple - Shekinah and Guil! (My bestfriend and her boyfriend.)

One of their kulitan pictures. :))

I arrived at my house in Bislig at around 6PM and I texted my bestfriend right away. After an hour, the doorbell rang. I politely asked our housekeeper to check it and I was so happy to see Kenna with Guil. I missed both of them.. Now that I'm here at my hometown, I'll make sure that my days with my bestfriend will be suppppeeerrr ssssullliiiittt! For the night, I had dinner with her and guil. Tomorrow, I'll have lunch with her for guil will be having an out of town with his family. The next days? I dunno. All I know is that we'll have quality time. :)

Okkaayyy. Let me talk about them here in my blog. What made them my favorite couple?

1. She's my bestfriend. He is her boyfriend.
Simply said, I love my bestfriend and all the persons dear to her.

2. They've been in a lot of roller coaster relationship rides and they survived it all.
I remembered the first stage of their relationship. It was kind of shaky. It was like they never met at the same point. For sure, something was wrong. And what's worst was that it was something seemingly incurable. But after months of not letting go and giving up, everything has changed. Now, things between them are near to perfection. They are happiest. Idol.

3. She loves me. He loves her.
Shekinah never left my side. She was there the first time I learned how to apply make-up, the first time I started wearing slippers in my lakads, and a lot more of my first times. She is always at my side every time I cry my heart out after I feel hurt, every time I feel so much happiness, every time I choose my dresses, every time I have my meriendas at home and a lot more of my moments. I know she loves me and she knows I love her more. I want nothing but happiness for her. The day Guil started loving her was the day she first felt ultimate happines and I thank Guil for it. :)

4. The positivity.
They are always there to remind me of the love I have with Abdel. At times when I felt like giving up, they always make me realize how lucky I am for having an amazing love. Their positivity is something I adore. I am a very positive person but knowing that I am not alone, it makes me feel stronger and happier.

I checked my bestfriend's FB page earlier and her status says:
Nothing is truly meant to be. That's what makes life interesting. We take risks. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, it fails. So he and I will just keep going and going.. Ily..

And I said:
No past. No future. Just the moment.
I disagree with her first statement because I believe that "meant to be" exists. I still have to argue with her tomorrow. LOL. What I love about her stat was that she is affirming to everybody that what matters is the present she has with Guil. Nothing else. Just like me. I don't care about the past and the future. What matters to me is living the moment the best way possible. This means taking risks and never having to say, "sorry."

latest picture with bff on new year's day. more pictures soon. :)

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