New Study Shows Kids Are Watching TV 35 Hours Per Week

For their advertisers, Nickelodeon introduced “The Story of Me” Research Study, which takes a look at the viewing habits of children born since 2005. Unfortunately, the study’s results were startling and show that post-millennial kids are watching 35 hours of television per week – the equivalent of a part time job. Despite this statistic, the survey also showed that 80% of post-millennial children desire to be closer to their parents. Most surveyed kids also stated that “academics mattered more than popularity.”

Who are the Post-Millennials?

Post-millennial children are born after 2005. The oldest of this group is turning 9, while most are 8 or younger. Post-millennial kids are way more connected than the generations that came before them. An infographic, published by Common Sense Media, reports that half of all post-millennial babies have used a computer or smartphone before the age of 2. This isn’t surprising, considering Nickelodeon’s study confirms that post-millennial kids devour media on their televisions, tablets, smartphones and gaming systems.