sometimes, songs are all you ever need..

people at home got nothing to do.. all we can hear was the sound of the sea waves and the laughter caused by the baby in the house - evo. so, one of us turned the magic sing on and started singing our hearts out..

i'm not good in singing using the mic, so i just ended up singing along (pretending i'm good at it) and taking some lyrics of the songs for my blog (another topic. LOL). :)

note: these are just randomly selected songs by the singers.. comments placed inside the parenthesis are based on my own opinions and experiences. i understand that you too have your own. feel free to oppose and shout it out..


TELL ME: ''why did it have to end so soon when you said you would never leave me? tell me, where did i go wrong?''
(no, don't ask yourself where did you go wrong. it's not only you.. it's the two of you. as the common saying goes, 'it takes two to tango.' the relationship ended because both of you did something for it to end.. sometimes, promises are made to be broken. get up and move on from your lost love. quit asking yourself why.)

HEAVEN KNOWS: ''even though he's gone, i'm still holding on..''
(you're still holding on? okay.. it's normal but how long have you been holding on? how long will you keep on holding on. those are questions only you can answer.. will you continue to hold on even though you see there's no way that person will come back to you? oh come on, wake up! let go.. save yourself.)

SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE: ''give me a chance, listen to my lonely heart beating fast since you've been gone.''
(no, it's yourself that you should give a chance to be happy. why have a lonely heart when you could have a happy one?)

TO LOVE AGAIN: ''it's hard to love again. and i don't wanna go on pretending.. it would never be the same without you baby.''
(sure it would never be the same without the person you once had.. why? because every person affects us differently. every person gives us this certain "magic" differently.. the next one could be better.. or worse. well, it's up to you on how you deal with it. open yourself once again. that way, it'll be easy for you to love again. just don't give too much.. brace yourself too.)

ALL OUT OF LOVE: ''i'm all out of love. i'm so lost without you.. what am i without you?
(you have a lot of things to do without him.. you’ll feel lost at first but you’ll get better someday only if you allow yourself to. good luck!)

PARTING TIME: ''you've been a part of me. i wish someday you'll be back home 'cause i really miss you, darling.. please come home..
(of course, he or she has been a part of you. you once loved him or her.. or worst, you still love that person. BUT i think it's time for you to get rid of those false hopes. he or she won't be coming back again. if ever he or she will, then, there is a greater chance of that person hurting you once again. would you allow him or her to do that to you? i bet not.)

FOREVER: ''you and i, we have moments left to share.. we belong in each other's arm. now i know we can have it all forever.”
(there is no such thing as forever.)


SOMETIMES LOVE JUST AIN'T ENOUGH: ''baby sometimes, love ain't enough.. there's a danger in loving someone so much.. there's a reason why people don't stay.''
(oh yes, it's not coming from me but i'm quoting it. i, who's so in love with my current partner. sure, i love him too much but i have already reserved something for myself in case whatever we have will end. sometimes, love is not enough to make you stay. consider other factors.. if you're no longer happy, leave.. if you feel you've been hurt, talk to your partner and if he or she reacts in a manner that hurts you more, then think twice of staying with him or her.. the ugly truth is "no matter how messed up you are, the person who truly loves you won't do anything to hurt you.")

WITH A SMILE: ''we'll get by with a smile. now it's time to kiss those tears away good bye..''
(oh yes.. move on. kiss those tears away goodbye and say hello to another love.. keep smiling because it'll help you attract more happy things. would you like to see yourself unhappy while the other person is happy?)

HIGH: ''dreams won't die.. you got to hold your head up high.''
(be the best that you can be.. show your ex-partner that you can live your life without him or her. remember that before he or she came, you already have your life. now is the time to bring it back and to make it better..)

DREAM ABOUT YOU: ''when you love someone, you gotta learn to let them go.''

I WILL SURVIVE: ''i will survive!''

DREAM ABOUT YOU: ''thank you for teaching me how to love.. thanks to you for teaching me how to feel, showing me my emotions, letting me know what's real from what is not. no heartbreak will stop me from believing..''
(i know you would hate me from what i have to say next. YES. THANK THE PERSON WHO MADE YOU FEEL THAT WAY - wrecked, frustrated, devastated, hopeless. that person may have hurt you in the **s and you hate him or her for that. when you continue hating him or her, you're allowing yourself to be hung up in the past. so, instead of cursing that person to die or to feel the same pain you're feeling, thank him or her for the experience and for the lessons he or she taught you. maybe right at this moment, you don't remember the good things he or she does while you were still together but come to think of it. days, weeks, months or years ago, he or she made you really happy. well, at least, thank that person for those times. yes, it was you who was hurt but you don't have to be angry to that person forever. it's normal to be mad at him or her but please try to at least lessen the anger everyday as you move on. trust me, it's you who'll get all the benefits for feeling good. you know what's the sweetest and greatest thing you could do to the person who hurt you the most? kill him or her with your goodness..)


someone who has been there. 
oh yes, it's me, thecoffeechic. i'm talking to you straight from my very heart..

i once had my heart broken by someone i LOVED dearly (readers and followers of my blog (especially my close friends) knew how much i was into him,) everything was so perfect between us until one day, things started to fall apart and we failed to notice that we too were already drifting apart. it was too late for the two of us to save the relationship.. and just like that, we broke up. he left my heart broken into pieces. i never thought i would be able to love again.. i was greatly devastated about what happened. i even tried being alone in my room, crying over the loss and laughing over the memories i once had with him.. sure, i was almost crazy BUT I REALIZED I SHOULDN'T ACT IN SUCH WAYS. i chose to be happy.. i got up from my downfall, accepted the fact that he's completely gone, surrounded myself with friends, thought of happy thoughts, moved on and started to open the doors for new things..

THEN, ONE DAY, i met someone who makes me really happy, who brings out the best in me. he makes me love him more than i love anybody else.. my friends would even ask me, 'where's (insert my ex name's here)? i thought you were so inlove with him, why?..' i would just flash them my smile and say, 'wala na.. i'm so happy with the new love i never thought i would find so soon.'

sure i no longer have anything for my past love.. i am so inlove with my current partner and i hope he loves me more (well, he keeps on saying he does). i don't know how long will this last but i'm hoping for it to last for so long because i don't wanna lose him.. but in case, he has to leave or somebody has to take him away from me, i'll let go and accept the fact that another man left me.. for sure, it will hurt like hell but it will hurt more if i won’t let him go. 

i am at my best now. i am happiest.

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