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days ago, i promised myself that i would never blog about the maguindano massacre.. but i changed my mind. i want to talk about the massive killing of the defenseless people and how slow the government is taking action regarding it. it's just that, i can't take it anymore.


would you kill in order to get whatever it is that you want? of course, not. right? why would you do that? you respect the right to life of every human being. thus, you would never take it away from every person even if it means getting what you want. you know that there are legal and moral ways in getting the things you want.. why not use them? DO NOT KILL, even if it's for the name of love. why? simply because it's not right. it's immoral, it's sinful.

i don't really understand why the suspects of the maguindanao massacre did the crime. yes, killing entails them getting the things they want but at the same time, it would hurt and wound their souls. so, why do it? i wonder, are they happy seeing hopeless people die because of their greediness?


when you vote this coming 2010 elections, remember this..


please join these causes in facebook:
We Condemn The Maguindano Massacre, Jusrice for the Victims!

Justice for Maguindanao Massacre Victims

facebook user comments:

Jonathan Geslani: Kung aksidende sana to katangap-tangap pa. Pero hindi eh, sinadyang patayin ang 57 na katao ng walang kalaban laban dahil lamang sa hidwaan sa pulitika.

Mae Salvatiera: It breaks my heart. I don't want to think that there are more bad than good people. More selfish than selfless people. This incident really saddens. But, I never lose faith. God will make a way to make everything better. God bless the Philippines.
bWho in their right mind can perpetuate such a crime? Do they honestly believe they can kill 57 people in broad daylight and get away with it? what lunacy! The audacity is unbelievable! whoever did this should be punished harshly by the full force of the law and should be made an example so huwag pamarisan.

Meach V. Doroteo: I hope that the best gift that the victims family will received this Christmas is "JUSTICE"... May they rest in peace..


just a reminder: never judge a person with the group that he or she belongs but for who he is. it's not with what religion the person has, it's WHO HE REALLY IS. so please stop saying bad things about the Muslims because they don't deserve the negative generalizations.

don't mention ALLAH, Islam & true Muslims in your insults & foul words.

an excerpt from Maguindanao Massacre:
never say injurious words against ISLAM. Muslims may differ in social, political and other opinions, however, we noticed that, when someone expresses blasphemy against ISLAM—Muslims unite to defend the religion.

we are one in the eyes of God. we all believe in the Higher Being. we are brothers and sisters.. we shouldn't fight against one another. instead of saying negative things about other people, let's just pray for PEACE AND HARMONY. let's pray that we may have an openmind to accept everyone. :)

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