"SIR, MA'AM.."

tomorrow is a monday - start of the final week. (i only have three major exams! yehhheeeey!)
after saturday (after the mind-breaking accounting departmental exam), END OF CLASSES.
sembreak starts! i'll be having at least a week or more for a short vacation back in my province.

anyway, i'm currently here at brew crew's coffee house enjoying my all-time favorite brain freezer: iced white choco mocha. i'm not called The COFFEE CHIC.. for nothing. :D

for the day, i'll be taking this chance to say something to my teachers during the first semester of academic year 2009-2010. i don't care whether they read this or not. :)

"you are a really great teacher.. it's so amazing how i understand your everyday lessons with ease. you make it so easy for your students to learn something. i love your sense of humor. it makes me feel like i'm not attending an academic class at all. you know how to give your students the best gift a teacher could ever give: TEACHING THEM WHILE HAVING FUN. thank you for it. thank you also for not confiscating my phone even if you see me texting in front of you, for listening to me everytime i question your answer and for being so patient about the class. keep the great attitude, sir!"

"i know i'm one of the students causing you head-aches every mwf's. sometimes, i make you feel like your subject is not on my priority list. i come into your class late ALL THE TIME. when i'm in the classroom, i don't listen to you. i always talk with my writing partner or seat mates. i pretty well remember what happened during the first prelim exam. i took the test really late for i came 30-minutes after the test has started and it took you 10-minutes to decide whether to allow me to take it or not. i only have 20-minutes left to finish your really really long exam.. i almost hated you for that despite the fact that it was my fault. :) i'm just so glad i still got a good grade on the said exam. see? you may feel like i'm taking englsih 23 for granted but it's not true. i'm so sorry for all those. :) i want to thank you for giving good feedbacks about my argumentative research paper and for not asking so much questions during the presentation to the panel lists. :)"


"haha. *laugh laugh* you're such a funny teacher. i'm so thankful you never scolded me for sleeping in your classes, for coming late most of the time, for just plainly texting while your discussing. it's a mystery for me on how i perfected your exam when i didn't even study at all and when i didn't even listen during the lecture. well, thank you so much to the formula and to the little stock knowledge. thank you so much for everything, sir. forgive me for making you feel like i'm one of the black sheeps in the class. you left me laughing when you asked me, 'miss c., are you part of BSA-2A?' i know what made you raise that question. it was because i act like i'm not in the first section. SORRY. :D"

"you're amazing! you're super down-to-earth. i didn't know you were a lawyer not until a seatmate told me. now i know why you are so smart and why you're updated with the world's current events. thank you for the knowledge you've taught me and my classmates about how the economies of the world work. thank you for making me the highest in the class for the prelims and midterms. :) i really love attending your classes. you say many great things, not only about economics, but life in general. THANK YOU!"

"honestly, i don't really like you as a teacher because you're too smart that you don't know how to share your knowledge to your students. for the first semester, i never really learned anything from your discussions that is why i opt to just watch the busy roxas street for 3 hours.. i opt to do self-study. i'm so sorry for not being a good student this semester. it's just that i lose interest everytime i enter f711. i used to love accounting but right now, you're making me hate it. if i'll be retained in the program next sem, i promise to do better and i wish i'll never have you as a teacher again. do i sound really bitter? :D sorry.."

"you're great! thank you for the first semester of teaching me about databases and for the friendship you've shared to us (my classmates). thank you for always starting our class 30-minutes late. LOL. and oh, please don't call me lover girl again and stop teasing me about my boyfriend. grrrrrr. it makes me blush. haha. thank you also for giving me ang my partner good grades on our final project. :) i'm so sorry for always playing hangaroo. :D"

"you have no idea how much i hated playing ball games. every monday morning, i feel really bad because of your subject. it lowers my self-esteem because i know i'm not good into playing volleyball. but that was before when no one encourages me to keep on practicing. thank you for telling me i can do it during the practical exams. thank you for listening to my lame excuses everytime i'm not prepared to play.. thank you for not scolding me everytime you see me act like a post during the team plays. :) and most, thank you for pulling my WPA higher because of your remarks."

"thank you for the experiences! you taught me many thing about life. you have a good sense of humor and an amazing personality. THANK YOU!"

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