How to Have Fun on Weekends

Wednesday, September 30

How to Have Fun on Weekends

Many people always look forward for Fridays. I am pretty sure that everyone of us loves this day. Whenever we wake up on a Friday morning, we find ourselves smiling knowing that it is the day that we have been waiting for. It marks the end of our busy days and start of the happy-and-stress-free days. Yes, weekends are amazing. Saturdays and Sundays are made for us.

If you have no idea how to make the most out of your weekends, then make sure to continue reading and check the list below:
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Four Activities To Do in Madrid

Sunday, September 13

Four Activities To Do in Madrid

The city of Madrid, located in the center of Spain, is known for its culture. There are many art museums and parks in this historic city, which is known for its tapas appetizers and ancient squares.

Taste the food.

Spain is a country where each region has its own food culture. Visitors will be able to explore Madrid's food culture by enjoying a tapas tour, a tour around several of the city's tapas bars. In the centric La Latina district there are many tapas bars that serve many types of tapas, from simple aceitunas olives to traditional patatas bravas, large potato slices served with alioli and spicy sauce.

Enjoy some shopping.

Fuencarral street is located near the centric Gran Vía street, which is filled with cafés, restaurants and shops, including HM, Sephora and Zara. Fuencarral and the nearby Hortaleza streets are filled with bars, diners, restaurants and local designer stores. Visitors will be able to enjoy many traditional and international foods. There is a market on Fuencarral street that has many stores where visitors will be able to find products designed by local designers.
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