yellow is "the color"..

nothing is more painful than losing your mother / best friend / comforter. it's like the whole world has turned it's back from you for a moment..

it hurts you more than you could ever imagine..

that is why i feel for kris and her siblings for losing mother, mrs. corazon aquino..

yesterday afternoon, i saw kris on the tv crying over the death of her beloved mother who has stayed with her through the ups and downs of her life.. her tears were real. it was different from the ones i saw on her movies. that time, i knew she wasn't in control of her emotions.. she didn't only cry for losing her mother but also for remembering the death of her dad who was one of the political victims of the marcos' regime. their death hurts kris but the memories she had with them hurts more.

after her interview with boy abunda, i thought to myself, "it must have been hard for kris to be one of the daughters of the highly respected and idolized heroes in the Philippine society." imagine? she has parents who has played a great role in getting back the democracy that has been long deprived to her countrymen.. her father shed the last drop of his blood for the country and her mother died a natural death but has lived her life for the Filipino people. i must say, kris is a lucky woman not because she has tons of tv shows or that has all the richness this world could offer but..

because she has two great parents who will be forever remembered by the Filipinos because of the exceptional things that they have done for them..


i still have my dad and mom with me.. i'm glad that i still do for i don't think i'd be able to live my life the way i'm living it now without them. i love them so much and i know, they'll soon leave me. i just wish not sooner.

since we still have the chance to spend more time with our parents, let's make it the best. never forget to say "i love you" and of course, let them feel what you're saying. :)

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  1. I can still remember that time when the news came out.

    I am so thankful that I still have both of my parents. We are indeed blessed gene.


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