some memories are meant to be remembered..

after two days of suffering from seasonal flu, i finally had the chance to visit my alma mater - de la salle john bosco college. it was the place where i finished my primary and secondary education.. i have countless memories from the said institution. of course, i stayed there for like 12 years.

the primary reason why i wanted to go back to my old school is to talk to my dearest ex-adviser who, according to my friends, is mad at me because i wasn't able to invite her on my debut party last may. i knew i needed settle some things with her. i can't allow my stupid mistake ruin our good relationship.. at first, that was the only reason i had in my mind. but..

when i entered the gates of the new DLSBC, i felt something great in me. then, i said to myself,
"i love to be back here. i want to have a touch of the old things i used to enjoy and to smile at, i want to feel the old feelings i had way back my high school years and i want to bring the old memories back to life.."

there were a lot of changes since the first time i entered the school (kindergarten).. the name, vision mission, buildings, pathways, catwalks, courts, gymnasium, roads.. almost everything has changed and yet, i still have the same old feelings..

everywhere i go reminds me of something wonderful. i can't deny that there were some bad memories that came up my mind but still, the good ones prevailed. i found myself smiling as i remember certain things..


i wouldn't dare forget the high school graduation day or else i'll be caught dead by my batch mates. :D i still remember the exact date of that special day - it was on march 25, 2007.

sexy back? LOL. he should have left when this picture was taken. haha.

with my senior classmates..

with some of my junior classmates..


within a four-walled classroom, i met persons having different personalities. some were too outspoken, some were too shy, some were bad, some were good.. i never thought that those persons will compose my barkada.. it's just so amazing to know that i still have them despite all the difficulties that has come to our friendship. this only means that they're my real friends. and with that, i'm certain.

yes, i'm one of the boys. LOL.

right after classes, we usually stay on this place we call "the stairway of happiness."


on my last year on DLSJBC, they were the persons who made a great difference in my life. they taught me many things such wearing high heels all the time is a big no-no, make-up is sometimes a necessity but most of the time it isn't, simplicity is beauty and more! i so miss alphonians..

wearing the class shirt on the socialization day.

i miss the driving lessons with my two great buddies.

the old me and ken. :)

memories may fade as the years go by but they won't age a day..

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