i'm a FILIPINA..

i don't understand why i feel a sudden grip of sadness everytime i see the Philippine flag being raised and waved. please don't ask me why because i don't have the answer and i bet, you don't have it too.

a video shown on one of my civic welfare training service sessions

i really admire the courage and determination of the little boy. he may be just a simple child who doesn't know much of the world but he surely knows the real meaning of being Filipino. he knows deep in his heart that he is a Filipino and it is his duty to raise and wave the Philippine flag no matter how impossible it may seem..

i have learned from the video and from the session that, "for us to be a rightful citizen of the Philippines, we must actively participate in every endeavor this land calls for us to. active participation means being prepared for what is to be given to us."



three organizations, namely general assembly of class presidents (gacp), commission on elections (comelec) and social involvement coordinating office (sico), from ateneo de davao university will be launching a project called "atenista, tama ako!" on july 15, 2009 at ADDU-jacinto campus. this project aims to invite the youth sector to participate in the upcoming 2010 elections.

ACTIVITIES: political education, leadership forums, presidential debates, mock elections, satellite in-campus registration and the like. i invite all ateneo de davao university students to participate in the in-line activities. :)

"ang boto ko ay para sa isang mapayapang bansa. tama ako!"
- guard

"ang boto ko ay para sa pagpapantay ng bawat karapatan ng mga Filipino. tama ako!"
- student

"ang boto ko ay para sa aking pamilya. tama ako!"
- janitor

"ang boto ko ay para sa kabataan."
- campaign manager

"ang boto ko ay para sa kalikasan."
- nursing division representative

"ang boto ko ay para sa pagpapahalaga ng mga batas sa ating bansa."

right to suffrage is not only a right but also privilege. voting for somebody is an honor..
when you vote, you perform your rights and duties as a Philippine citizen.

you are a determining factor. it's either you "break or make" a certain candidate..


it's the first organization at school that i became a part of. i was voted by my classmates on my first sem at ADDU as the class president which automatically made me a member of the org. i wasn't satisfied with just being a member so i applied for the executive committee luckily, i did become an execom under the publicity committee.

the second organization i joined was the ADDU COMELEC. i didn't have any intentions of running for any position in the school's student body but i wanted to be involve in the school politics which led me to becoming a member of the org.. at first, i find the activities tiring especially during the elections - the launching of candidates, the miting de avance, the reading of guidelines, the campaign, the election proper and the last canvassing. but as i continue doing those, i find myself happy with what i am doing. it feels great being one of the persons who make sure that there are always clean elections. now, i'm the legal department head. :)

last thursday, i received a letter from the organization inviting me to join them. even if they didn't send me an invitation letter, i'd still join SICO. i want to be socially involve and to become more of a woman for others. i believe that the organization will help me meet my goals..

i will be submitting my application form on wednesday. i hope i get in.

one of the essay questions was, "why would SICO accept you as a volunteer?" i answered it with a simple sentence, "SICO should accept me as a volunteer because i am willing to do anything that i am capable of for the organization."



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