the "bet".

life is nothing but a gamble. sometimes, you win. sometimes, you lose..

in my life, the case is that i always lose. i always invest so much on certain things expecting that in the long run, i would win. but unfortunately, i would only end up realizing i have lost another battle. despite those failures, i still continue gambling because there's still a little hope left that someday i will finally win. and of course, because i am strong or maybe that's what i thought i am.

there were times in my complicated yet exciting life when i lost many things for i wasn't smart enough to know that i have bet on the wrong side. yea right, i always thought wrong.

my life's gamble is not easy. when i lose on the bet, i don't lose money but rather i lose the persons i love, the things i value, the plans i've made and the certainties i have. well, this made me wish that "sana, pera nalang ang nawala sa'kin. di yung mga bagay na di ko kayang mawala."


that was the melo-dramatic side of me. i was just looking for some drama but the truth is that i just want to react over the bad yet fun gambling i've had yesterday. it was the VERY FIRST time i gambled for money. :D

since palarong atenista is now going on, different games are played every activity period at school. there are volleyball, basketball, indoor games, etc.. the top-viewing game of all time is the basketball game which is played by the campus cuties. for the girls, it's a must-see game because of the players but for the boys, it's a must-see game because of the money they have gambled..

every 3:40 in the afternoon of mondays, wednesdays and fridays, i would hear students talk about certain basketball teams and say their bets. they would start from a hundred to five then to a thousand until they reach an unimaginable price. for the past days, i would only listen to the conversations and keep quite. but yesterday was a different afternoon for me and my other friends. instead of hanging out in a coffee shop (the thing we do every mwfs afternoon), we had our early dinner at mang inasal. after that, we went back to school to watch the basketball game between the business management team and engineering and architecture team. i heard it would be a great fight and that's the reason why i gambled.

i arrived at school with a smile on my face feeling so excited for the game. but i left with a frown painted on my not-so-happy face. needless to say, i lost the bet. i lost P500. grrr. how i wish my gentlemen friends will not get the money from me this monday. sayang kasi eh. pang-coffee na yun for three days. haha. :D

i may have lost a part of my allowance but i had a great fun.

sana ganito palagi sa sugal ng buhay ko. after losing, nakangiti pa rin kasi yung nawala, material thing lang kaso hindi eh. most of the time, i regret the choices i make..


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