why worry?

problem: cold saturday afternoon.
remedy: i wore my favorite long sleeve top.

problem: financial accounting major.
remedy: i had an advanced reading. (thanks jay for the book.)

problem: growling stomach.
remedy: i ate the fruit salad my mother made.

problem: nobody's texting.
remedy: i turned my cellphone off after i texted my bff to come over.

problem: felt bad.
remedy: i read The Secret.

problem: negative thoughts.
remedy: i opened my journal and read about the good memories i have written.

problem: broken heart.
remedy: i just smiled. i know everything will be fine.

problem: classes start this monday.
remedy: i'm enjoying the remaining i'm-not-a-student days.

problem: no money.
remedy: i asked some cash from my dearest mom.

problem: missing some people.
remedy: i'm checking their online accounts and blogs.

problem: bored.
remedy: so i write.

problem: want a new pair of sandals.
remedy: i will be shopping with my mom and tita later.

see? i don't need to worry my life away. :)

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