queen city of the south..

(3 days at cebu city)

the first reason i went to cebu was kuya sonny's burial.
[i used to call him tito but they (my mom's relatives) asked me to just call him kuya..]
how he died?

@ cortes private chapel (last vigil)

"I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love."
- Leo Buscaglia

goodbye atty. anthony sonny cortes
i shout justice for your death not vengeance..

one of the five children left..

he looks so happy, right? he seems to have no problems at all! of course, he's just a three-year old child. he doesn't care about the happenings in his surroundings. all he cares about are the endless toys, the never-ending plays, and the unlimited foods. he's not even aware that his dad is already dead. what he knows is that his popsy is just sleeping.. nothing more, nothing less.

this is one of the conversations we had while he was holding my psp and while i was hugging him. (mind you, he's irresistible! :D)

"baby, where is popsie?"
"he's sleeping.. wala pa nimata."

when i heard those words from the innocent child, i felt awful. he doesn't know a thing and he's expecting that one day, his popsy will wake up from his sleep and play with him again. nobody knows in the family how to explain to him and his other young siblings that their father is now dead and will never be able to chat/play with them EVER AGAIN..

father's day is fast approaching..
he no longer have a dad whom he can kiss on the cheeks as he says the sweet words "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY POPSY!" but, at least, he has a seventeen titos, a grand father and more fathers to greet on the said "special" day..

for my last day stay at cebu, i went out with him at the mall and shrine. i wasn't able to really shop for the boy is so maakkkuullliittttt! he made me run all over the mall. grrr. but it was a day full of fun. i'm glad i was able to make him super happy even just for a day..

last night at the city.
thank you so much to my new inspiration, ate syvil, for accompanying me everywhere i go in the city. and most, for paying for my hotel fees. :D she's so amazing. at the age of 27, she got everything she needed in life. someday, i'll be as successful as her. i promise that to myself..

i can't forget her line, "everything was so perfect. i couldn't ask for more until kuya sonny died."
(i'll write a post about her soon..)

note: the girl with me on the pics is not ate syvil. i don't have a picture with her kasi. :)

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