my life would suck without you..

i missed my blog.

i was so busy with the first four days at school and i know i will be busier for the next days.. thus, i won't be able to update "The COFFEE CHIC.." often and visit my favorite blogs. i have to concentrate on my studies. now that i'm back as a full-time student, there will be less parties, less hang-outs on coffee shops, less dinner dates with close friends, less movie marathon, less happy moments..

anyway, i'm here in brew crew's coffee shop (the nearest from my dorm), sipping a cup of caramel macchiato, eating a slice of mocha torte and writing this post for my ever-dearest BFF.

this is for you ken..

whenever i feel so happy, you are there to make me happier.
whenever i get so much excitement, you are there to share with me the feeling.
whenever i have a bad hair day, you are there to make me feel good.
whenever i want to do something, you are there to support me.
whenever i make choices, you are there to tell me the pros and cons of each choice.
whenever i feel so down, you are there to cheer me up.
whenever i hate myself, you are there to give me reasons to love "me".
whenever i get mad at something or somebody, you are there to tell me it's a bad feeling.
whenever i don't know what to wear, you are there to rob my closet and choose an outfit for me.
whenever i want to eat, you are there to have a food trip with me.
whenever i need to shout, you are there to shout with me too.
whenever i feel unloved, you are there to remind me "YOU LOVE ME."
whenever i'm in great pain, you are there to make me smile.
whenever i'm not on the good mood, you are there to make the atmosphere cool.

i don't know what to do without you..

i thank you for being the "YOU".
i thank you for being the person..
- whom i could tell all my secrets to
- whom i could share everything that i own
- whom i could call my very own and only sister
- whom i could relay all my problems/worries
- whom i could spend a day without going out my room
- whom i could face even if i wasn't still able to take my morning bath
i thank you also for accompanying me in watching..
- gossip girls (i know you don't like chuck bass but you still understand why i love him)
- Ftv shows (i adore the dresses!)
- myx international top 20
- timm gunn's guide to fashion
- mr. bean (even if you think it's a stupid show)
- spongebob (i know you like patrick more)
i thank you for all the good memories you have shared with me.
i thank you for understanding me all the time.
i thank you for making all the things that make me happy.
i thank you for the love and for the great friendship.
i thank you for everything. i thank you for being my best friend forever.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MIGA. i can't wait for all our dreams to come true..

ahhh, i almost forgot the reason why i'm writing this post. LOL.

whoo. i can't life without you and without those things. :D

please don't forget the law of attraction. first, ask for it. make sure you really know what you want. make it clear so the universe can understand the real thing you want to get/achieve/happen. the second thing to remember is to believe. have faith and trust that what you've asked for will come to you. just don't mind the time delay. the universe is just giving you some time to know what you really desire. and the last thing is to receive. act as if you have received what you have asked for and it will be manisfested to you. it's never wrong to dream. have positive thought all the time. :)

i'll see you soon. mwah! again, i love you. happy birthday!

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