love is one long dream..

they've been through roller coaster relationship rides.
they've parted ways.
they've been separated by some silly things.
they've promised to really let go.
they've said many goodbyes.
they've left one another for some time.

but still, at the end, the "THEM" survived. :)
(i know love really exists.)

in fact, they celebrated their anniversary yesterday with me and some close friends. we drove all the way to brgy. kapatagan, digos city to satisfy our crave for adventure. we went to camp sabros which is an hour and forty-five minutes away from davao city..

if not for their anniversary, i wouldn't travel that long especially when there are loads of paper works over my study table, an appointment with my tita, endless tasks from my mom (buy this and that commands).. and oh, not to mention that i wasn't able to get enough sleep on the night before their special day. i slept at around 3 in the morning and woke up at 6am for my nstp class. that's what i get from being always-on-the-go and not being able to say "no" to great friends..

june 27, 2009

i woke up so early for my nstp1 (civic welfare training service) class which ended at 11am. right after sir i-forgot-his-name-for-i-don't-like-him dismissed the class, i called hannah and asked her to meet me outside the classroom. then, in a few minutes, we met and talked about our plan to go to camp sabros.. we thought that the trip would be canceled because the couple who invited us were having some petty fights. well, we only thought so.

we confirmed from our friend that we will really be going to digos for our outdoor adventure activities. so, as fast as i could, i went to the mall to buy the thing my mom asked me to buy, went to my cousin's apartment to have lunch with them and my tita, went back to my dorm to get some things and went to brew to meet my friends who have been waiting for me for an hour.

then, the trip started. :)

first stop: sm mall - to fetch nam who has been waiting for an hour too.
second stop: gasoline station - foods!
third stop: somewhere in sta. maria - kelvin's business.
fourth stop: another gasoline station.
fifth stop: digos city.
sixth stop: brgy. kapatagan. seventh stop: CAMP SABROS!

some pictures:
kelvin was driving the car so fast and we (hannah, morj, jay and i) thought it was so cool but his girl friend didn't. she kept on complaining which is a bad thing to do when bf is driving. :D nerbyosa na kasi dahil sa kape. haha.

the little "me" with the cute little horsey..

the road we have to go through. 'di na pwede ang car sa taas since it was raining and we don't wanna risk our lives. lol.

welcome to camp sabros! :)

this is it hannah! this is what we've been looking for. :D

on the other side of the mountain..

i really enjoyed the ride. ang galing ni manong mag-drift. haha.

oh yes! green is love. :)

i was flying! i released all the negative energies i have been having for long by screaming my heart out.

another 800 meter zip line ride!

bella and edward? :D

i wish i could find my own superman.

dinner at mang manok.

more pictures @ this album.

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