i hate to know you're there while i'm here..

"i wish you were here beside me, papa."

i woke up this morning with a smile on my face because i know that today is a very special day for me and my dad. i was so happy and couldn't wait to hug him so tight as i whisper, "happy father's day, pa! i love you.." so, i got up from my bed, headed directly to the master's bedroom and did the things i want to do and said the words i want to say to him..

he hugged me back and said "thank you, nak. i love you too. i love you more." i just continued hugging him and thanked God for giving me a great man in my life.

after that moment, my mom and brother came. they were laughing for i was the last one in the family to greet my dad. well, that's what i get for waking up late in the morning.. they were teasing me and there, the fun started. the four of us watched different tv shows, planned for the things to do for the day and talked about some serious things in the future.. we all laughed and smile.

we were so happy. i was so happy.

how i wish all those things did happen. :(


here's the real thing:

i woke up at around 10:30 in the morning. i wasn't in my usual pj's but on the outfit i wore last night. i failed to change my clothes for i was so tired from the gimik that i and my high school friends had.. i still wanted to go back to sleep but decided to get up right away. i knew i have many things to do for the day especially that i spent my whole saturday just partying.

one of the things i needed to do was to send my dad an e-card and e-mail greeting him a happy father's day and telling him how i love him so. without second thoughts, i got up from my bed, headed to the comfort room, took a bath and got dressed. as i was about to go to the coffee shop, i received text messages from my cousin/friend/ka-gimik inviting me to have lunch at her place. of course, i went there and saw the same persons i partied with last night. we had a simple lunch and a serious talk about our parents, especially our fathers. after that, i bade them goodbye and went to the coffee shop.


at brew crew's:

i ordered a cup of white choco freeze and opened my dearest laptop. i browsed for an e-card to send him and e-mailed him.


i love you so much, papa.
i wish you were here with me today..
i wish you would never need to work abroad.
i wish you had a great father's day.

i miss you so much and i can't wait to spend Christmas with you.
thank you for everything you have given me.
thank you for the love, care and support.
thank you for the never-ending advices.
thank you for always telling me that i can make it.
thank you for calling me every night.
thank you for never letting the distance bring us apart.
thank you for not including our family in the list of the broken families here in the country.
thank you for loving my mother.
thank you for being my father.

i love you. i love you. i love you. i love you SO MUCH.
i want you to always know that.
i promise to never fail you.

and oh, if there's one thing i worry about having you as my father, it's "finding the father of my future children". you are the best. you have all the qualities of a great father. i'm so afraid that i might not be able to meet a great man like you. i must say, mom is the luckiest girl alive for having you around. nobody is perfect and i know that. you are not perfect but you're near to perfection. 99.9 % perfection! :)

again, i love you, papa!
i know i'm a lucky daughter and my brother is a lucky son.
may you never change.
mwah! :)

i'll always be your little girl and you'll always be my daddy.
i'll always choose you than any other guys. :)



  1. awww, this is very touching, algene. i'm sure sobrang na-touch din ang dad mo nung nabasa nya 'to. i know nung 2009 pa 'to, so, nasa abroad pa din ba ang dad mo until now? did you celebrate Christmas this year with him?

  2. Hello ate KM! Grabe, nabasa mo pa talaga to. :) Yes, he's still on Papua New Guinea. Hindi nga ako nakapag-Christmas with him :( I was planning to write a post about it pero baka maiyak lang ako kaya wala nalang..


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