Friday, June 19

first time voters campaign.

you cannot complain to the government you did not build.

the student leaders of four universities in davao city launched the first time voters campaign this afternoon at the ateneo de davao university. the aim of the said campaign is to the invite youth to register. :)

participating shools:
ateneo de davao university
san pedro college
holy cross of davao city
university of mindanao


(with my co-commissioners)

of course, the ADDU COMELEC would be there.
i love being a commissioner. :)


the point of this post is, "be a registered Filipino voter now! be one of those persons to cast their votes in the upcoming 2010 elections. remember, you don't have the right to complain to the government you did not build."

i'm a registered voter na. eh, ikaw?

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Thursday, June 18

my life would suck without you..

i missed my blog.

i was so busy with the first four days at school and i know i will be busier for the next days.. thus, i won't be able to update "The COFFEE CHIC.." often and visit my favorite blogs. i have to concentrate on my studies. now that i'm back as a full-time student, there will be less parties, less hang-outs on coffee shops, less dinner dates with close friends, less movie marathon, less happy moments..

anyway, i'm here in brew crew's coffee shop (the nearest from my dorm), sipping a cup of caramel macchiato, eating a slice of mocha torte and writing this post for my ever-dearest BFF.

this is for you ken..

whenever i feel so happy, you are there to make me happier.
whenever i get so much excitement, you are there to share with me the feeling.
whenever i have a bad hair day, you are there to make me feel good.
whenever i want to do something, you are there to support me.
whenever i make choices, you are there to tell me the pros and cons of each choice.
whenever i feel so down, you are there to cheer me up.
whenever i hate myself, you are there to give me reasons to love "me".
whenever i get mad at something or somebody, you are there to tell me it's a bad feeling.
whenever i don't know what to wear, you are there to rob my closet and choose an outfit for me.
whenever i want to eat, you are there to have a food trip with me.
whenever i need to shout, you are there to shout with me too.
whenever i feel unloved, you are there to remind me "YOU LOVE ME."
whenever i'm in great pain, you are there to make me smile.
whenever i'm not on the good mood, you are there to make the atmosphere cool.

i don't know what to do without you..

i thank you for being the "YOU".
i thank you for being the person..
- whom i could tell all my secrets to
- whom i could share everything that i own
- whom i could call my very own and only sister
- whom i could relay all my problems/worries
- whom i could spend a day without going out my room
- whom i could face even if i wasn't still able to take my morning bath
i thank you also for accompanying me in watching..
- gossip girls (i know you don't like chuck bass but you still understand why i love him)
- Ftv shows (i adore the dresses!)
- myx international top 20
- timm gunn's guide to fashion
- mr. bean (even if you think it's a stupid show)
- spongebob (i know you like patrick more)
i thank you for all the good memories you have shared with me.
i thank you for understanding me all the time.
i thank you for making all the things that make me happy.
i thank you for the love and for the great friendship.
i thank you for everything. i thank you for being my best friend forever.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MIGA. i can't wait for all our dreams to come true..

ahhh, i almost forgot the reason why i'm writing this post. LOL.

whoo. i can't life without you and without those things. :D

please don't forget the law of attraction. first, ask for it. make sure you really know what you want. make it clear so the universe can understand the real thing you want to get/achieve/happen. the second thing to remember is to believe. have faith and trust that what you've asked for will come to you. just don't mind the time delay. the universe is just giving you some time to know what you really desire. and the last thing is to receive. act as if you have received what you have asked for and it will be manisfested to you. it's never wrong to dream. have positive thought all the time. :)

i'll see you soon. mwah! again, i love you. happy birthday!

pictures taken YEARS AGO. :)
learn more about US by clicking here..

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Wednesday, June 10

i dream with her..

while some people in the metro were busy about the anti con-ass protests, my bff and i were also busy spending more time with each other..

the first thing we did for the day was doing the bank transaction my mother asked me to do. [for those who do not know, i'm my mom's personal secretary whenever i'm in our hometown. i'm also her accountant even if i'm still a student. :D] we went to PNB and then to LBP. after that, we headed back to my place and stayed the whole afternoon and night at my room..

it's raining outside but we still turned my aircon on. we grabbed a blanket and covered ourselves as we watched gossip girls, sang along with the music videos, and chatted about some serious stuff..


the best thing we did for the day was the reading session. :)
thanks to the secret book i got from my mom. we read it together and had the same insights about it. we shared the same dreams and we prayed for those to come true someday.. we promised to think about our dreams every moment.
the law of attraction says, "thoughts become things."

isn't my miga lovely? she's so strucked with the secret.

when my friend asked me "if law of attraction works, then why aren't my thoughts becoming things? how long will i wait for them to come true? hmn?", i just read this part of the book:

Thank God that there's a time delay, that all your thought don't come true instantly. We'd be in trouble if they did. The element of time delay serves you, it allows you to reassess, to think about what you want and to make a new choice.

just wait for some time.. while waiting, figure out what you really want. remember: be careful with what you ask for, you might just get it all. :)

it's been a month since my 18th burthdei!
and my bff just wrote her birthday message for me this afternoon.
want to read her message? click the image above to see its full size and find the message which starts with MIGA. :)

the naming of my new teddy bear..
the newest member in the family of my huggable stuff! :)
my bff and my bcf named her denmar yellow. you wanna know why?
if you watch the news, then, you'd probably know the reason why. :D

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Tuesday, June 9

tick tock tick tock..

"there is no better, simple plan for your life than the one God has for you.."

it's a rainy tuesday evening.. i have a dinner date with the mutienians (mga kabarkada) at shangy's place.

when the weather is not so good (like when it's raining), i prefer to just stay at home, read a book or a blog post, watch random tv shows, play psp games and the like..

but four hours ago, i chose to moved out of my comfort zone. despite the fact that i hate walking down wet streets, i still opt to leave the house and have dinner with my close and forever friends.. i can't just say "no" to shang for i know she prepared a wonderful dinner for us. she'll also be leaving for davao tomorrow..

since it took me long minutes to decide whether i'll come to her place or not, i was expecting that i'm already super late..

but, when i arrived at her place, i found out i was the first person there. so, i waited for our other friends to come..

while waiting, i came across a cute book. it caught my attention because its cover color is GREEN. you know i so love green! :D


then, i just found myself reading it until my other friends arrived..

i want to share the things i love in the book. this is for you, AMAZING WOMAN.

1. let your good looks glow
the desire to be beautiful is natural
. every girl/lady/woman wants to be pretty perfect.. everyone wants elegant clothes, branded cosmetics, fashionable hairstyles and outstanding looks. however, in the simple life, there is a deeper sort of beauty - inner beauty. this is the beauty which is more attractive, more effortless and it arises from an intimate relationship with God.. this is the beauty that matters most. you must know that..
one final thought: by easing the pressure to conform to society's view of beauty, loving God simplifies life and lets your natural beauty shine.

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."
- Proverbs, 31:30

2. tell yourself something good
self talk - this is what you need to do. talk to yourself about positive things and never mention about the negative ones. avoid self-talk like i can't do it or i'm so dumb for will only cause you stress and will lead you to great depression. choose to let destructive self-talk and heavyhearted emotions subside. tell yourself that you are a better person and that you are beautiful. don't mind what other people say. enjoy the confidence and well-being that defines a simpler life.
one final thought: to nurture the simple life of emotional freedom and confidence, focus on how much God loves and values you.

"Instead of all the negative stream-of-consciousness thoughts that run through our minds - the worries, doubts and mumble-grumbles - we're supposed to maintain moment-by-moment that includes Christ."
- Carole Gift Page

3. never give up
there are times when you're knee-deep in pain or weary from a million of things that has gone wrong. yes, hope appears but a dying ember. at times like this, remember to call God. never lose hope in Him for with Him, you will have a simple life which is a hopeful life.
one final thought: unwavering hope and simplicity arise as you trust in God's faithfulness to uphold you.

"Be strong and take heart, all you hope in the Lord."
- Psalm 31-24

4. ticktock, stop the clock
you're busy. everywhere you go, you need to do something. appointments here, appointments there. but this doesn't mean you have to rush things. take some time to smell the flowers. call on God, ask him to guide you as you slowly accomplish the things you need to do. the key is to pray, seek God's wisdom about how best to use your time..
one final thought: seek God's wisdom as you conciously slow down, and you will experience a calmer, more peaceful spirit.

"Help me, God, to slow down, to be silent, so I can hear you and do Your will and not mine."
- Marian Wright Edelman

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