love is one long dream..

they've been through roller coaster relationship rides.
they've parted ways.
they've been separated by some silly things.
they've promised to really let go.
they've said many goodbyes.
they've left one another for some time.

but still, at the end, the "THEM" survived. :)
(i know love really exists.)

in fact, they celebrated their anniversary yesterday with me and some close friends. we drove all the way to brgy. kapatagan, digos city to satisfy our crave for adventure. we went to camp sabros which is an hour and forty-five minutes away from davao city..

if not for their anniversary, i wouldn't travel that long especially when there are loads of paper works over my study table, an appointment with my tita, endless tasks from my mom (buy this and that commands).. and oh, not to mention that i wasn't able to get enough sleep on the night before their special day. i slept at around 3 in the morning and woke up at 6am for my nstp class. that's what i get from being always-on-the-go and not being able to say "no" to great friends..

june 27, 2009

i woke up so early for my nstp1 (civic welfare training service) class which ended at 11am. right after sir i-forgot-his-name-for-i-don't-like-him dismissed the class, i called hannah and asked her to meet me outside the classroom. then, in a few minutes, we met and talked about our plan to go to camp sabros.. we thought that the trip would be canceled because the couple who invited us were having some petty fights. well, we only thought so.

we confirmed from our friend that we will really be going to digos for our outdoor adventure activities. so, as fast as i could, i went to the mall to buy the thing my mom asked me to buy, went to my cousin's apartment to have lunch with them and my tita, went back to my dorm to get some things and went to brew to meet my friends who have been waiting for me for an hour.

then, the trip started. :)

first stop: sm mall - to fetch nam who has been waiting for an hour too.
second stop: gasoline station - foods!
third stop: somewhere in sta. maria - kelvin's business.
fourth stop: another gasoline station.
fifth stop: digos city.
sixth stop: brgy. kapatagan. seventh stop: CAMP SABROS!

some pictures:
kelvin was driving the car so fast and we (hannah, morj, jay and i) thought it was so cool but his girl friend didn't. she kept on complaining which is a bad thing to do when bf is driving. :D nerbyosa na kasi dahil sa kape. haha.

the little "me" with the cute little horsey..

the road we have to go through. 'di na pwede ang car sa taas since it was raining and we don't wanna risk our lives. lol.

welcome to camp sabros! :)

this is it hannah! this is what we've been looking for. :D

on the other side of the mountain..

i really enjoyed the ride. ang galing ni manong mag-drift. haha.

oh yes! green is love. :)

i was flying! i released all the negative energies i have been having for long by screaming my heart out.

another 800 meter zip line ride!

bella and edward? :D

i wish i could find my own superman.

dinner at mang manok.

more pictures @ this album.

i hate to know you're there while i'm here..

"i wish you were here beside me, papa."

i woke up this morning with a smile on my face because i know that today is a very special day for me and my dad. i was so happy and couldn't wait to hug him so tight as i whisper, "happy father's day, pa! i love you.." so, i got up from my bed, headed directly to the master's bedroom and did the things i want to do and said the words i want to say to him..

he hugged me back and said "thank you, nak. i love you too. i love you more." i just continued hugging him and thanked God for giving me a great man in my life.

after that moment, my mom and brother came. they were laughing for i was the last one in the family to greet my dad. well, that's what i get for waking up late in the morning.. they were teasing me and there, the fun started. the four of us watched different tv shows, planned for the things to do for the day and talked about some serious things in the future.. we all laughed and smile.

we were so happy. i was so happy.

how i wish all those things did happen. :(


here's the real thing:

i woke up at around 10:30 in the morning. i wasn't in my usual pj's but on the outfit i wore last night. i failed to change my clothes for i was so tired from the gimik that i and my high school friends had.. i still wanted to go back to sleep but decided to get up right away. i knew i have many things to do for the day especially that i spent my whole saturday just partying.

one of the things i needed to do was to send my dad an e-card and e-mail greeting him a happy father's day and telling him how i love him so. without second thoughts, i got up from my bed, headed to the comfort room, took a bath and got dressed. as i was about to go to the coffee shop, i received text messages from my cousin/friend/ka-gimik inviting me to have lunch at her place. of course, i went there and saw the same persons i partied with last night. we had a simple lunch and a serious talk about our parents, especially our fathers. after that, i bade them goodbye and went to the coffee shop.


at brew crew's:

i ordered a cup of white choco freeze and opened my dearest laptop. i browsed for an e-card to send him and e-mailed him.


i love you so much, papa.
i wish you were here with me today..
i wish you would never need to work abroad.
i wish you had a great father's day.

i miss you so much and i can't wait to spend Christmas with you.
thank you for everything you have given me.
thank you for the love, care and support.
thank you for the never-ending advices.
thank you for always telling me that i can make it.
thank you for calling me every night.
thank you for never letting the distance bring us apart.
thank you for not including our family in the list of the broken families here in the country.
thank you for loving my mother.
thank you for being my father.

i love you. i love you. i love you. i love you SO MUCH.
i want you to always know that.
i promise to never fail you.

and oh, if there's one thing i worry about having you as my father, it's "finding the father of my future children". you are the best. you have all the qualities of a great father. i'm so afraid that i might not be able to meet a great man like you. i must say, mom is the luckiest girl alive for having you around. nobody is perfect and i know that. you are not perfect but you're near to perfection. 99.9 % perfection! :)

again, i love you, papa!
i know i'm a lucky daughter and my brother is a lucky son.
may you never change.
mwah! :)

i'll always be your little girl and you'll always be my daddy.
i'll always choose you than any other guys. :)


first time voters campaign.

you cannot complain to the government you did not build.

the student leaders of four universities in davao city launched the first time voters campaign this afternoon at the ateneo de davao university. the aim of the said campaign is to the invite youth to register. :)

participating shools:
ateneo de davao university
san pedro college
holy cross of davao city
university of mindanao


(with my co-commissioners)

of course, the ADDU COMELEC would be there.
i love being a commissioner. :)


the point of this post is, "be a registered Filipino voter now! be one of those persons to cast their votes in the upcoming 2010 elections. remember, you don't have the right to complain to the government you did not build."

i'm a registered voter na. eh, ikaw?

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my life would suck without you..

i missed my blog.

i was so busy with the first four days at school and i know i will be busier for the next days.. thus, i won't be able to update "The COFFEE CHIC.." often and visit my favorite blogs. i have to concentrate on my studies. now that i'm back as a full-time student, there will be less parties, less hang-outs on coffee shops, less dinner dates with close friends, less movie marathon, less happy moments..

anyway, i'm here in brew crew's coffee shop (the nearest from my dorm), sipping a cup of caramel macchiato, eating a slice of mocha torte and writing this post for my ever-dearest BFF.

this is for you ken..

whenever i feel so happy, you are there to make me happier.
whenever i get so much excitement, you are there to share with me the feeling.
whenever i have a bad hair day, you are there to make me feel good.
whenever i want to do something, you are there to support me.
whenever i make choices, you are there to tell me the pros and cons of each choice.
whenever i feel so down, you are there to cheer me up.
whenever i hate myself, you are there to give me reasons to love "me".
whenever i get mad at something or somebody, you are there to tell me it's a bad feeling.
whenever i don't know what to wear, you are there to rob my closet and choose an outfit for me.
whenever i want to eat, you are there to have a food trip with me.
whenever i need to shout, you are there to shout with me too.
whenever i feel unloved, you are there to remind me "YOU LOVE ME."
whenever i'm in great pain, you are there to make me smile.
whenever i'm not on the good mood, you are there to make the atmosphere cool.

i don't know what to do without you..

i thank you for being the "YOU".
i thank you for being the person..
- whom i could tell all my secrets to
- whom i could share everything that i own
- whom i could call my very own and only sister
- whom i could relay all my problems/worries
- whom i could spend a day without going out my room
- whom i could face even if i wasn't still able to take my morning bath
i thank you also for accompanying me in watching..
- gossip girls (i know you don't like chuck bass but you still understand why i love him)
- Ftv shows (i adore the dresses!)
- myx international top 20
- timm gunn's guide to fashion
- mr. bean (even if you think it's a stupid show)
- spongebob (i know you like patrick more)
i thank you for all the good memories you have shared with me.
i thank you for understanding me all the time.
i thank you for making all the things that make me happy.
i thank you for the love and for the great friendship.
i thank you for everything. i thank you for being my best friend forever.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MIGA. i can't wait for all our dreams to come true..

ahhh, i almost forgot the reason why i'm writing this post. LOL.

whoo. i can't life without you and without those things. :D

please don't forget the law of attraction. first, ask for it. make sure you really know what you want. make it clear so the universe can understand the real thing you want to get/achieve/happen. the second thing to remember is to believe. have faith and trust that what you've asked for will come to you. just don't mind the time delay. the universe is just giving you some time to know what you really desire. and the last thing is to receive. act as if you have received what you have asked for and it will be manisfested to you. it's never wrong to dream. have positive thought all the time. :)

i'll see you soon. mwah! again, i love you. happy birthday!

pictures taken YEARS AGO. :)
learn more about US by clicking here..

why worry?

problem: cold saturday afternoon.
remedy: i wore my favorite long sleeve top.

problem: financial accounting major.
remedy: i had an advanced reading. (thanks jay for the book.)

problem: growling stomach.
remedy: i ate the fruit salad my mother made.

problem: nobody's texting.
remedy: i turned my cellphone off after i texted my bff to come over.

problem: felt bad.
remedy: i read The Secret.

problem: negative thoughts.
remedy: i opened my journal and read about the good memories i have written.

problem: broken heart.
remedy: i just smiled. i know everything will be fine.

problem: classes start this monday.
remedy: i'm enjoying the remaining i'm-not-a-student days.

problem: no money.
remedy: i asked some cash from my dearest mom.

problem: missing some people.
remedy: i'm checking their online accounts and blogs.

problem: bored.
remedy: so i write.

problem: want a new pair of sandals.
remedy: i will be shopping with my mom and tita later.

see? i don't need to worry my life away. :)

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queen city of the south..

(3 days at cebu city)

the first reason i went to cebu was kuya sonny's burial.
[i used to call him tito but they (my mom's relatives) asked me to just call him kuya..]
how he died?

@ cortes private chapel (last vigil)

"I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love."
- Leo Buscaglia

goodbye atty. anthony sonny cortes
i shout justice for your death not vengeance..

one of the five children left..

he looks so happy, right? he seems to have no problems at all! of course, he's just a three-year old child. he doesn't care about the happenings in his surroundings. all he cares about are the endless toys, the never-ending plays, and the unlimited foods. he's not even aware that his dad is already dead. what he knows is that his popsy is just sleeping.. nothing more, nothing less.

this is one of the conversations we had while he was holding my psp and while i was hugging him. (mind you, he's irresistible! :D)

"baby, where is popsie?"
"he's sleeping.. wala pa nimata."

when i heard those words from the innocent child, i felt awful. he doesn't know a thing and he's expecting that one day, his popsy will wake up from his sleep and play with him again. nobody knows in the family how to explain to him and his other young siblings that their father is now dead and will never be able to chat/play with them EVER AGAIN..

father's day is fast approaching..
he no longer have a dad whom he can kiss on the cheeks as he says the sweet words "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY POPSY!" but, at least, he has a seventeen titos, a grand father and more fathers to greet on the said "special" day..

for my last day stay at cebu, i went out with him at the mall and shrine. i wasn't able to really shop for the boy is so maakkkuullliittttt! he made me run all over the mall. grrr. but it was a day full of fun. i'm glad i was able to make him super happy even just for a day..

last night at the city.
thank you so much to my new inspiration, ate syvil, for accompanying me everywhere i go in the city. and most, for paying for my hotel fees. :D she's so amazing. at the age of 27, she got everything she needed in life. someday, i'll be as successful as her. i promise that to myself..

i can't forget her line, "everything was so perfect. i couldn't ask for more until kuya sonny died."
(i'll write a post about her soon..)

note: the girl with me on the pics is not ate syvil. i don't have a picture with her kasi. :)