Wednesday, May 6

where is the girl with the magic wand?

last night, i wrote a post where i expressed the sentiments i have regarding my upcoming debut party which will be happening in 42 hours. want to read it? if yes, then click here.
btw, i have posted the entry both in my blogger and multiply blogs..

latest post in my multiply blog.
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since the contacts i have in multiply knows me personally some of
my friends sent comments on what i have written.

marchellefiel wrote on May 6

i'm wishing something impossible =(

sorry, too.

forsythiacam wrote on May 6

ai, ang sad. :-( i'm sure none of them (including myself) would want you to feel down on your birthday. if we could only cut ourselves into halves so we can be at two places at the same time...hehe...but that's just going way too far, hehehe. :p

anyway, i just wish you all the best on your 18th birthday, gene. keep that jolly face and i can-take-the-world-with-a-storm attitude. hehe, just keep on wowing others--you don't have to be half-fish, half-human to amuse people, hahaha.

on your 18th birthday: LET THE "PILA" BEGIN. *evilgrin*

i love you, gang. *powerhug*


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just knowing that they really want to be with me on my special day is enough. at least i know that they, too, wish to grace my 18th birthday celebration. hay. if only i could make all things possible. where is my fairy god mother? i need her most at this moment..

i wish..


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