always having a day with her..

we always have time for each other.

the last time i went out with her was yesterday.
unfortunately, i accidentally erased the pictures kaya ayun..


for today's afternoon, we had two bottles of cappuccino with vodka.

we were supposed to eat ice cream but we failed to find our favorite flavor,
so we decided to just have the drinks.

it was worth it naman eh. good..
coffee! :)

and even our favorite teady, stripes, has her share too. :D

ne of the reasons why i love to be with her:
i can be myself all the time for i know that no matter what i do
and what i say, she'll always stay and love me.. :)

one of the reasons why i love her:
because she's shekinah - everything amazing.

kulitan moments with her.

we took pictures of ourselves.
we laughed to ease the pain.
we watched mr. bean and sponge bob.
we adored the dresses of the FTV models.
we danced as we watched lady gaga's "love game" music video.
we talked about some serious stuff.

we talked about the green photo frame.

we were both wondering who would i be with
in the picture that i'll soon put in it..

check out some of our other hang-outs:
i love you miga..
i so love her.
sunday with ken and ken.

isn't it great having a real friend around? :)

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